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About the author:
Boggles Brown, a respectable graduate of Concordia University's Fine Arts Program, has fallen victim to a social malaise known as schizophrenia. Though recent reports tell that 1 in 5 people suffer from some form of mental illness, this particular

affliction lead to a life of homelessness, depression, megalomania and exhaustive pursuits to the purpose of life, not to mention the taxomony of which garbage can to get the best food from.

Thankfully, schizophrenia can find forms of treatment - medication and therapy - as well as sometimes reducing itself in severity for causes that still elude researchers. This has ended up being the case with Brad. He found enough support, resources, time, courage and will to put together not only a graphic novel of his cartoons but also a website which allows a free perspective on Brad's creative output.

Never one to rest on his baccalaureals, Brad is already planning a second edition of Boggles Brown's adventures, with new cartoons still drawn from his gritty urban experiences.

Boggles Brown | My Cartoon Life

In The Land Of Schizophrenia

Authored by Brad James
Edited by Mike Dale

Boggles Brown is a handsome young guy with a University degree, you'd never guess that once he was homeless, sociopathic and indigent.

His book of cartoonish drawings and irreverent musings is a 48 page romp in the land of homelessness, mental illness and poverty - Boggles Brown illuminates a variety of ecclectic social phenomena.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to rummage through a garbage can looking for half eaten pizza, or what it feels like to sleep on cold
concrete or how it felt waiting for the doors to open at a Church for a place to sleep with a hundred other homeless, more than a few mentally ill people?

Sunset ( in the land of schizophrenia ) a poem
c. 2000 AD

The sun rises in the east, west is where it sets
Sometimes I go through a whole day, doing what I forget
Time stands still, I falter, I walk to the beach, stare at the water
The horizon is before me, scattered over a million miles
An old couple passes, the woman looks at me - I smile
The sun rises in the east, west is where it sets
Sometimes I go through a whole day, doing what I forget

Catholic boys aren't allowed any toys, not until heaven
I remember the number of sins that are deadly, isn't it seven?
I call my shrink to tell him how I feel down deep inside
He tells me the best thing to do is probably run and hide
The moon is high, into the deep dark corners of the night I go
I have a friend - we talk a lot, I tell him everything, someone's got to know
The sun rises in the east, west is where it sets
Sometimes I go through a whole day, going where I forget

Sinster shadows glid along behind, distant laughter
I think I hear, but i'm sure it's just my mind
A long time ago, I believed in Santa Claus and fairies
I had a bright red fire truck, little plastic men it carried
To imaginary emergencies, to rescue the people on the top floor
I went to bed at night, I was Robin Hood - I took from the rich
and gave to the poor
The sun rises in the east, west is where it sets
Who the hell I am, sometimes I forget

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