It Was Never About The Black Guy, It Was About "That Guy"! And Washington's Pyrates and Snakesss. The Final Solution - FIRE THEM ALL??

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About the author:
"Just another, formerly-free, American who worked to build four small growing family-businesses after 45 years of self-employment, till the Dem's "2007-2010 Economy" purposely "deep-6th" them, along with the rest of America for purpose, so Progressives could manipulate and position the US Taxpayer between "a Barack and a hard place"; Socialism or Die! ...(I.e. The ruse: Unlimited unemployment benefits or NO Christmas this year Virginia!) ..."In God We Trust", until God's bankrupt too and moves to another planet! ... Save your Republic by "86'ing Congress with PROP-86", and resurrect the greatest nation in history, right-up from the ashes by rotating-OUT current "dead-wood", and future "bad boys" who will continue to steal our freedoms and enslave our children! ...EXTREME FIGHTING WITHOUT THE BLOOD!...
...Simple Solutions for Complex Problems - Common Sense VS Legalese! The Art Of Applied Mercenary Ethics to attack business as usual; the affectations and unmentionables, RINOs, racists, socialist-educators, religious hypocrisy, terrorists, and those who "game the system" and feed-off government's largess, those who RULE by "carrot & stick", promise & bribe, Executive Order & fiat, non-representative Government edict, and other perpetrator atrocities: The MEDIA and Hollywood....
...Theme: Point / Counterpoint Debate Manual with a specific "battle plan" to beat a renegade Government at their own game and "take our country back". ...Why "REMEMBER THE ALAMO?" Those guys didn't give Mexico back to the original owners either! ...You make your stand or learn a new language. ...I Take No Prisoners! ......(2nd edition expanded with 43 extra pages, and NEW 3rd edition with all updated YouTube Addresses, ("Hot-links for Kindle.") God bless the USA!

It Was Never About The Black Guy, It Was About "That Guy"! And Washington's Pyrates and Snakesss. The Final Solution - FIRE THEM ALL??

Time has run out! The ONLY Hope: Prop. 86

Authored by Sentryman
Cover design or artwork by Sentryman

After 235 years in America, shouldn't the Supreme Court's undeniably perceived difference between "right and wrong" be greater than a "4 to 5" opinion?...
A revolution has started and it's 1938 all over again; Peace In Our Time?
...You're not listening, again! ...Time has run out! ...The only hope: Prop. 86!
My book offers ideas outside the mainstream box that can restore the economy & jobs, solutions for a renegade government, and confronts terrorism. ...America's liberty wasn't forged in the same furnace as the Samurai and Damascus blades; it was tempered by an idea: All men only united and equal under God can help each-other stay free!" SENTRYMAN...
**NEW (3rd Edition) contains all "relocated" blocked-YouTube Video addresses for printings after 5-26-14 edit, and FIRE THEM ALL?? "Kindle-Edition" contains 200+ "LIVE Links" vital to our FREEDOM. ...Plus, former Kindle-Edition owners can now Auto-Update my book with all the new HOT-LINKs for FREE on Amazon-Download refresh!...
...This book analyzes, examines, challenges and exposes "all who are unwilling" to play fairly and by the Rules, and those who DO NOT obey or hold sacred the Constitution of the U.S. of A. ...I attempt to enlighten those perpe-traitors with rational debate, and honest opinion tempered by time; but for the Grace of GOD go We! ...This treatise advocates that any action; implied, suggested, intended or demanded, be conducted and waged by NON-VIOLENT means, and with-in the limits of the Laws of the United States of America.
...On behalf of all the named & unnamed persons mentioned in this book, who have unfortunately and continually dishonored, or are reticent to pay due respect to give rightful acknowledgment for the sacrifices by those that came before us: a Special "Thank You" to the ones that mean the most! Those who put their "personal lives on-hold" to protect us all, to those who donated their professional careers to watch over us, and especially to the families of those that Never Came Back, who give and gave full measure of themselves selflessly for fellow countrymen and countrywomen: those brave women and men of the U.S. Armed Forces!
...Original Poem: Thank You To Those That Watch And Wait, Thank You To Those That Stave Off The Hate, Thank You To Those That Stand Through The Night, Thank You To Those That Never Abandon The Fight, Thank You To Those That Stay And Serve A Third Tour When Leaving The 2nd Their Own Lives They'd Secure, Thank You To Those That Protect Brothers Protecting Our Sons, Thank You To Those That Always Remain Till The Mission Is Done, Thank You To The Fallen, For Our Lives and Our Daily Bread, Thank You To The Fallen, Homage To Your Sacrifice: Freedom Never Dead,... Better Men Than We, That Guard As Peter; Upon This Rock, May He Watch Over You As You Shepherd Your Flock! "Thank You" Can Never, Will Never Be Enough! SM 4-6-2010 344 pgs....
(2nd edition expanded on 12-7-10 to 388 pages) ...U. S. BILL OF RIGHTS: AMENDMENT #I - Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances...1791

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1452816832 / 9781452816838
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US Trade Paper
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8" x 10"
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