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About the author:
If only ... are 2 of the most powerful words you need to focus on when thinking and planning your life. If only you had the answers .. if only you could look into your mind and know .. truths that will change your world .. how much more beautiful would your life be then. And to some extent you are aware .. so that's a beginning.

Life is beautiful when it flows out from your own mind ... learn to eliminate the hurdles when they present themselves with the wisdom in MasterMind. Read the book several times and the reasons will be understood by you when everything good flows to you after that .. just the way you want. Ask for all you need. This is your only requirement .. a pretty small one but holding within itself a huge gamut of options capable of percolating into every single aspect of your life.

Your need in this moment in time is to awaken the God within you. This need is so deep ... it is compulsory .. to set right the wrongs muddling your life that MasterMind will feel like a godsend.

TO BE ABLE TO HEAL THE SELF is just so necessary .. for everybody is suffering big time that making light of this one fact alone is doing the whole world a great disservice. I learnt to deeply bless myself by analysing truths that are so powerful that in every moment I can change my reality with my thinking. Let me share. Look at a truth through both aspects of its wisdom. One is more right than the other. Go with that and you have linked to the perfection of God which will give you its gifts .. every single time. Question everything that is not liked by you and make a sincere wish to change it for your life .. no matter how big or unsurmountable it seems to you. Simply say a little prayer .. quiten your mind and open MasterMind randomly. I guarantee you will find your answer on that page. Continue the focus and more keeps flowing. It is unending.

MasterMind is the key to awakening the God within you. We are all aware of our innate goodness so tap into this energy to go just that one step further into wisdom alone. We are powerful minds and the only thing you need is your ability to tap into all that is already known to you .. but in a more sublime way.

This sublimeness is the key to making all parts of your life work with digital precision. When all life is governed from out of mind .. the only change you need to make for yourself is to connect through the wisdom in this book to any and all energy you wish to own. Truths are generally the way forward.


I did God's bidding by writing this book... but it was my hand that laboured on.

Authored by Roda Langrana

Wouldn't it make you happy to know that God tries to live and do and enjoy things through mankind. God says - I want feet to run my errands, tongues to speak and sing my mighty truths, eyes to see all beauty and hands to build my dreams, to play my divine harmonies, to paint my beautiful pictures. All that God is capable of seeks an expression through mankind. God wants those who appreciate beauty to be able to surround themselves in beauty. God wants that you discern his truths and have every opportunity to travel and talk about them. God wants those who love beautiful clothes to be beautifully clothed. God wants those of us who appreciate good food to be luxuriously fed.. God wants all these things for mankind because he himself enjoys and appreciates them. God wants to be able to express that it is he who wants to play, laugh, sing, enjoy beauty, proclaim truths, wear good clothes and eat good food.

The desire you feel for riches is God seeking to express himself in you. So ask for whatever your heart may desire.

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1452856125 / 9781452856124
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