Mystical 2012

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Mystical 2012

The Triple Rebirth of the Sun and the Triple Rebirth of You

Authored by Thomas Razzeto
Illustrated by Thomas Razzeto
General editor Thomas Razzeto

The astronomy that will unfold in the sky over the Maya (and over us) on the winter solstice of 2012 is the key to understanding why the Maya restart their calendar on that exact day. Almost all calendars are based on astronomy and it appears that this is also true for the Maya calendar, although in a rather spectacular way! Quickly learn why this astronomy was seen by the Maya as the sacred triple rebirth of the sun.

But what does the Maya's rebirth metaphor really mean? Does this metaphor point to a very deep spiritual rebirth that arose from the psychedelic rituals of the ancient Maya? On the Maya sacred ceremonial grounds of Izapa, Mexico - the birthplace of the Maya calendar - we find altars carved in the shape of the Bufo toad. The poison glands of these toads excrete a psychedelic chemical that was used by the Maya shamans and there is a stone carving of a shaman together with this toad. Did the psychedelic rituals of the Maya shamans reveal to them a mystical view of reality? Did they awaken to their true fundamental identity and is this the profound spiritual rebirth that they hold forth as so important? And is this available to you now without drugs? Yes!

Learn more about mysticism in general and the Maya's mystical message of rebirth in this easy to read book. For me personally, the more I dug into the subject of 2012, the more mind-blowing it all became! Perhaps you will have a similar experience!

Mystical 2012 is unlike any other 2012 book. Obvious, it does not promote doom and gloom but it also does not suggest that the ancient Maya used their calendar to predicted world peace at this time. Some people are disappointed that I hold this opinion but please allow me to say a little more about this important point.

While I don't think that the ancient Maya themselves created the calendar to predict world peace at this time, this does not mean that we can't create a beautiful world right now! Your desire for world peace arises from your strong feelings of compassion and love and yet we should be honest and acknowledge that we do not have the power to make someone else happy; we do not have the power to make someone else be at peace. That is up to them and to them alone.

Yet perhaps your attitude and action will inspire others to create deep peace and lasting joy within themselves. In this way, we all can work towards a more peaceful world. Your inspiration and offer of a helping hand to build a better world together can reach out in ways whose limits are unknown. So never give up hope and always do your best to transform both yourself and the world around you into yet an even more beautiful reflection of the divine love that comes to us all from the Source of everything.

Instead of doom and gloom or a sudden shift in human consciousness, Mystical 2012 offers what is often called a non-dual philosophy as the core message of 2012. This has also been called the perennial philosophy since it has been found in many places in the ancient world and it is a very reasonable idea that some of the ancient Maya shamans also came to this understanding of the world. In Mystical 2012, you can - perhaps for the first time in your life - read something that will help you be reborn into a profoundly new understanding of both the world and who you really are.

Thank you for considering this fresh view of the message of 2012 from the ancient Maya. - Thomas Razzeto

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