The Last Year Of Your Life

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About the author:
Clint Arthur is the author of Bestselling personal development books including The Last Year Of Your Life,  What They Teach You At The Wharton Business School, Free Your Love Now,  and The Income Doubler.  He studied Creative Writing for 2 years with Pulitzer Prize winning author Frank McCourt at Stuyvesant High School.

After graduating from The Wharton Business School with a 4.0 GPA in Entrepreneurial Management, Clint moved to Los Angeles to follow his dream of becoming a star.  10 years chasing the Hollywood Dream left him deep in credit card debt, driving a taxi to survive, and terrified that he would never turn his life around to achieve his true potential. 

He went on an enormous self-help journey, walking on fire with Tony Robbins, studying Toltec Wisdom with Don Miguel Ruiz, doing men's power ceremonies, and culminating when a crazed old man told him "You don't know it yet, but you're already dead." This lead Clint to ask himself the question, "What would I want to accomplish if this was going to be the last year of my life?"

For the past 4 years Clint has worked and perfected The Last Year Of Your Life experience as a way for people to truly come A.L.I.V.E
-Awareness this could be the last year of your life
-Let go of the past
-Inspire your future
-Visualize how to get where you want to go
-Energize yourself for the journey.

Living like this has enabled Clint to...
-Lose 40-lbs without joining a gym or changing his diet
-Build a factory which saved his business during the Great Recession
-Write and publish a bestselling book
-Turn around his failing marriage and go on to celebrate his 10 year anniversary with his wife.

Other people who have lived The Last Year Of Your Life experience have also felt the impact of its profound results: recording albums of original music, starting new businesses, traveling the globe, worshipping at religious holy sites, reconnecting with long-lost family members, quitting smoking, losing weight, and a myriad of other life-changing experiences.

Clint's mission is "to help people explore their humanity & uniqueness through The Last Year Of Your Life."  He works with entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, small business owners, and major corporations such as Harrahs, MGM-Mirage, Four Seasons Hotels, Starwood Resorts, and Biometics; has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and The Los Angeles Times, and has been interviewed on "Coast to Coast AM" and 60+ network television news programs.

The Last Year Of Your Life

Authored by Clint Arthur

"If This Was Going To Be The Last Year Of Your Life...
What Would You Want To Accomplish?"

Are you ready to live the next 12 months with no compromises -- going for everything you've always wanted, living life on your own terms, with no regrets, not waiting for anyone to give you permission?

The Last Year Of Your Life is your action guide on a journey to accomplish everything on your bucket list, have the most fun you've ever had in any year, achieve your greatest amount of personal growth, and create a legacy for the rest of your life.

If this is your year to Lose Weight, Quit Smoking, Re-unite with Lost Friends or Loved Ones...
To Break Through Your Barriers, Bring Out Your Uniqueness, Passion & Gifts...
To Create a Legacy in your Business, Career, Profession, or for your Family...
To Eliminate Procrastination, Clutter, Fear & Doubt...
If you are ready to become the Best Parent, Spouse, Friend, & Person you can be....
And if you're ready to have The Most Fun You've Ever Had in One Year...

Then It's Time For You To Make a Commitment to Achieve Your Full Potential...

Get into Action Now and Invest in YOUR SELF with The Last Year Of Your Life...
Personal Transformation Experience

Week 1. Really Feel Unconditional Love For Yourself
Week 2. Appreciate Your Greatness
Week 3. Create A Plan That Gets You Jumping Out Of Bed Every Morning
Week 4. Amplify Your Personal Power by Being "All In"
Week 5. Create Inner Peace by Forgiving Yourself
Week 6. Train Your Brain for Success
Week 7. Create A New Destiny for Your Life
Week 8. Un-clutter Your Life & Eliminate Procrastination Forever
Week 9. Get Healthier (Lose Weight, Quit Smoking, Get In Shape, etc.)
Week 10. Experience True Happiness
Week 11. Truly Bond with Family and Friends
Week 12. Appreciate The Fleeting Nature of Life
Week 13. Develop a Personal Vision for Your Life
Week 14. Learn How To Instantly Turbo Charge Your Personal Power
Week 15. Trust Yourself Completely
Week 16. Get More Out Of Each Day by Going Deeper with All You Do
Week 17. Access A Super-Power That You Are Suppressing
Week 18. Walk Through "The Portal To Unlimited Power"
Week 19. A Tiny Decision That Will Eliminate Tons of Wasted Time
Week 20. Feel The Joy Of Truly Loving Other People
Week 21. Experience Genuine Compassion for Yourself and Others
Week 22. Overcome Fear and Personal Barriers
Week 23. Unclutter Your Life & Eliminate Procrastination
Week 24. Align Yourself with Your Life's Purpose
Week 25. Give Yourself Permission to Have Fun Every Day
Week 26. Understand The True Foundation Of All Personal Power
Week 27. Appreciate Your Life Experience
Week 28. Flip A Switch to Create Real Courage to Change
Week 29. Perfect Your Time Management Skills
Week 30. Access The Power Of What You Already Know
Week 31. Eliminate Your Fear Of Death
Week 32. Create Unstoppable Personal Power by Being Real
Week 33. Live A Life That's As Good As It Gets
Week 34. Become A True Leader
Week 35. Get Passion In Your Life On A Cellular Level
Week 36. Understand and Access True Spirituality
Week 37. Experience "Joie de Vie" (The Joy Of Life)
Week 38. Take a Stand For Something Big In Your Life
Week 39. Develop Genuine Connections with People
Week 40. Appreciate Each Moment of Your Life
Week 41. Unburden Yourself From Your Sins and Transgressions
Week 42. Make Amends to All People You Have Injured
Week 43. Give Your "Last Lecture" & Become A Great Speaker
Week 44. Empower Yourself With Genuine Gratitude
Week 45. Resolve All Outstanding Personal Issues in Your Life
Week 46. Write Your Last Will and Testament
Week 47. Appreciate The Accomplishments of Your Entire Life
Week 48. Understand the Meaning of Your Life
Week 49. Make Peace with Yourself and Your Higher Power
Week 50. Take Stock of Everything You Accomplished This Year
Week 51. Experience True Freedom
Week 52. Create A Clean Slate For The Rest of Your Life

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1453633642 / 9781453633649
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US Trade Paper
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8" x 10"
Black and White
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