The World of Vija Vetra

The World of Vija Vetra

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The World of Vija Vetra

This documentary tells the fascinating story of Vija Vetra, a world-renowned Latvian dancer, choreographer and teacher. At the age of 84, Vetra remains a vital and creative force, and her tale offers inspiration for both artists and lovers of the arts. In a career spanning seven decades, she has mastered diverse styles ranging from ballet to traditional Indian dance, and her talent has won her acclaim as a 'spirit in human form' and 'the bridge between East and West.' Her life is a celebration of the power and beauty of the art of dance, but is also a powerful story of struggle, loneliness and sacrifice. Her creative , positive spirit stands alone against a materialistic world that is constantly changing. Her wise soul, her point of view and criticism towards the modern world push us to think about secret meanings, symbols and the simplicity of life.
DVD includes extra features of Vija Vetra's unique dance performances filmed on 16mm. As well behind the scenes making of the music.

Directed and Produced by Aleksandar Kostic
Music composed by Rale Micic

The World of Vija Vetra was included in library edge resource center Auckland New Zeland in 2011

The World of Vija Vetra received in Las Vegas Film Festival, Silver Ace Award in 2010.

Film Festivals:
-Las Vegas Film Festival 2010
-DocuFest Atlanta 2009
-Asheville Film Festival North Carolina 2009
-Harvard Independent Film Group 2009
-NYC WestBeth " Home to the Arts" 2009
-Flickerings @ Cornerstone Film Festival 2009
-NYC Two Booths Pioneer Theatre 2008

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