RGI Combatives - Volume I: Tactical Maneuver & Protector Ethics
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RGI Combatives - Volume I: Tactical Maneuver & Protector Ethics

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RGI Combatives - Volume I: Tactical Maneuver & Protector Ethics

Featuring Jack Hoban

The unique tactical maneuver skills presented in the Ethical Protector video series were developed and field-tested to keep you safe in physical conflict situations, whether you are a law enforcement officer, military operative, or citizen protector. Effective conflict resolution also calls for ethical behavior. Jack Hoban and James Morganelli present training scenarios that illustrate the deep connection between tactical movement and ethical conduct. The RGI ethical-tactical approach stems from "The Dual Life Value," a theory of human nature that protects and respects the value of self and others, even the opponent?s. In addition to the in-depth physical demonstrations, the video contains several inspiring Ethical Protector values stories.

Learn tactical maneuver:

- Earth Strategy: Stand Your Ground
- Water Strategy: Tactically Re-position
- Fire Strategy: Collapse The Space
- Wind Strategy: Evade and Maneuver
- Void Strategy: Confuse and Deceive
- Plus: Ethical Protector Values Stories

Jack Hoban served as a U.S. Marine Corps officer and is a long time practitioner of martial arts. He assisted in the creation of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program and remains a subject matter expert for the program. Hoban has led more than 500 workshops and seminars around the world addressing universities, government and private organizations on ethics and martial arts, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the New York Police Department (NYPD). He was a longtime associate of the late Robert L. Humphrey, noted conflict resolution specialist and author of "Values for a New Millennium." Hoban is also a master instructor in the Japanese Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu martial arts system.

Jack Hoban

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RGI Combatives - Volume I: Tactical Maneuver & Protector Ethics
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