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Where Worlds Collide

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About the author:
Rob Shelsky is an avid and eclectic writer, and averages about 4,000 words a day. He has several novels to his credit. Rob has written science fiction articles for such magazines as The Internet Review of Science Fiction, numerous articles for AlienSkin Magazine, Neometropolis, Midnight Street (UK), Doorways, and other publications. Rob has had short stories published with Jim Baen's Universe, Aberrant Dreams, AlienSkin, Gateway SF, Fifth Dimension, Continuum SF, Sonar4, Uncial Press, Planetary Stories, Pulp Spirit Magazine, Sex & Murder, and many more. He has a novella coming out in early 2010 with Aberrant Dreams Magazine's first hardcover edition anthology, The Awakening. Rob's novella, Avenger Of The People, will appear there alongside the works of such sci-fi greats as Alastair Reynolds, Ian Watson, Jana Oliver, Robert Madle, and just so many others. There is even an introduction by Jack McDevitt. Rob has a short story, Green Waters, now out with Sonar4's Phase Shift anthology, and a paranormal story, Light On The Moor, with

Now, Rob Shelsky is not only a writer, but a contributing editor for travel articles. He is also a resident science fiction columnist for AlienSkin Magazine.

Although widely traveled and continuing to travel, Rob now lives in North Carolina. He enjoys contemplating ideas for new stories while watching the sunsets over the mountains and sipping a glass of red wine, preferably a decent Merlot.

Where Worlds Collide

A Dark Science Fiction Anthology

Authored by Mr. Rob Shelsky

A truly thrilling anthology of some of Rob Shelsky's darkest, science-fiction stories, with a great novella, Bug-Eyed Monsters, included. This one is a classic space opera and has been favorably compared to none other than Ed Hamilton's best work. With BEMs (Bug-Eyed Monsters), a bum and a babe, you will enter a fast-paced, action-packed story that will leave you absolutely breathless!

But it doesn't end there. With a carefully selected series of stories that are darkly woven, along with thought-provoking tales, and even a couple humorous ones, just for fun, Where Worlds Collide is a marvelous compendium of tales of the future and the very weird,

Whether you love post-apocalyptic plagues, aliens, bizarre creatures, lost star ships in space, worm holes to worlds in the throes of nuclear war, horribly destroyed civilizations, gory murder in deep space, or things Lovecraftian, you can bet that Where Worlds Collide, by renowned science fiction and horror author, Rob Shelsky, has it all.

So take a trip where you can pick your world, where anything is possible, and a ride to Where Worlds Collide! Stories included in this anthology are: DreamTime, a harrowing tale of immortals versus mortals; Serpent Caravan, colonists struggling to survive on a world with dangerous aliens; Blue Flickers, people are changing, but nobody knows how or why; Bug-Eyed Monsters, an action-packed space opera; Blue Murder, a cozy sci-fi mystery; If Looks Could Kill, a dark tale of future Earth, This Narrow Isthmus, a luxury spaceship lost in space; Shiva, Mama Doc, And The Voodoo Computer, a tale of science and magic; Dystopia, a world where the super-state rules; Without Omens, a frightening answer to Fermi's "Great Silence;" Worm Sign, worm holes to dangerous Earths; Dance Of The Butterflies, a planet of mystery for explorers; and Soap Bubbles, a future solar system where all things human are quarantined from aliens, but the question is why?

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145373841X / 9781453738412
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US Trade Paper
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5.25" x 8"
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