Persistence of Memory

Persistence of Memory

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Persistence of Memory

This is an experimental film wanting to remind viewers that we are all just a small part of a vast universe. The only rules that Joan La Barbara and I set before we began collaborating on this project was that my film and her music should be 30 minutes and I won't even hear her music until the opening. Experimental film was premiered at Berlin Germany MaerzMusik Festival in March 2012 "Cage and Consequences" celebrating 100th anniversary of John Cage Birth as a part of Joan La Barbara live performance.

Directed and Produced by Aleksandar Kostic
Music Composed by Joan La Barbara

Music Performed by Ne(x)tworks:
Joan La Barbara (voice)
Stephen Gosling (piano)
Shelley Burgon (harp & laptop)
Yves Dharamraj (cello)
Miguel Frasconi (violin)
Christopher McIntyre (trombone)

Visual effect of Universe by Jovan Nedeljkovic

Produced by Kostic Films LLC, 2012

"As seen on March 17th, La Barbara
conducted her Ne(x)tworks ensemble
as she phonated subtly to sparse,
undulating textures for piano and
trombone before the entire ensemble
was enmeshed in cacophony.
The contrast of lyricism and noise gave
way to a meditative drone, as if
the instruments were simulating Indian
classical music, while La Barbara broke out into
throat singing. The music grew more nervous
before a final passage evoked wind, storms,
and hail. Kostic's slowly-moving psychedelic
imagery enhanced the listening experience rather
than distracting from it, as is the tendency
of so much modern video"
NPR Berlin

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