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About the author:
Aficionado and pioneer of Fitface (the only hands-free facial toning exercise program) designed to make you look fabulous forever and avoid needles or knives. Charlotte has a passion to persuade both the young (now some only under 20) and the older generations, against unnecessary/unnatural radical (well were once considered so) facial beauty enhancements (needles) and to refrain from more radical techniques, i.e. surgery. There is another way, naturally Fitface that lasts a lifetime.
Charlotte now 56 started facial exercise in her early thirties (over 25 years ago) after witnessing a botched face-lift in California. She has lived in both California and Florida for about 15 years. She currently lives in the South of England where she was born.
She has one daughter who lives in Australia who suffered a near fatal accident at 18 whereby she sustained 21 fractures to her face. Therefore Charlotte also fully appreciates and understands the skill and necessity for plastic surgery. Her daughter recovered fully and looks like a "babe".
Charlotte has appeared on TV and radio both in the USA and UK including ABC News, BBC radio Solent and various newspapers and magazines both on and offline.


Hands Free Facial Toning Exercises

Authored by Charlotte Hamilton

Before you consider using Boxtox try this. A simple totally non invasive route. The best and only "hands free" method of face and neck exercises to make your look younger or stay younger longer. Fitface facial exercises cannot ever over stretch or pull your skin because your hands never touch your face. We all agree exercise is good for the body, then why not exercise your face too? Its the only way to get healthy glowing looking skin. Unnatural invasive intervention leads to a downward spiral causing faster skin deteriation. Whereas facial exercise builds collagen, muscles to lift and tone plus it makes you feel good too. Take control of your destiny, your face, your future, your self-esteem, is too important to leave to someone else. Work with Mother Nature, not against her. She will unwittingly fight against Botox and give you more wrinkles as other muscles try to 'help' you to make those expressions. Fillers will only puff out wrinkles not untangle fibres, trapped in crevices through lack of use.

Jack LaLanne the American exercise guru was a fan of facial exercises and he lived until 96 with a full head of hair!

Fitface naturally rejuvenates, tones and reduces wrinkles. If you are in your 30's prevent wrinkles from ever forming and delay the ageing process. if you are in your 50's it's never too late to prevent more wrinkles from occurring, soften any folds and reduce deep wrinkles. Remember the face is just like the body, if you don't use it, you will lose tone in your face and it will sag. Define your jawline and keep you neck taught. Fitface will show you how to look beautiful forever with only face exercises.
Fitface, with over 300 pages, 70 photographs and 60 hands free face exercises is packed with the essential information you need to know about how to tighten sagging skin, smooth wrinkles, eliminate folds and build collagen. This giant book shows you "how to" get a fabulous fit toned face - fast, that lasts forever, in just 15 minutes a day without any risk, expense or pain. Fitface is like a wrinkle eraser in a book.
Cosmetic surgeons agree that tight facial muscles are the most important part of looking good. It's not your skin that sags, but that, over time your muscles become slackened - tighten them with Fitface - as a result your face will lift naturally. The knife only shortens and weakens muscles, needles just paralyse and fillers temporarily plump out the face, expensive creams are superficial - only Fitface works on both the issues of your muscles and skin tone. Skin grows from the inside out. Facial exercises increase circulation, thus sending more oxygen and essential nutrients to your face, which builds collagen - naturally rejuvenating your skin tone, making you glow.
Fitface exercises are 'hands free', the only facial exercise system that does not put any pressure on the skin, thus avoiding damaging delicate facial tissues.
Fitface is the only natural face-lift that truly is the alternative to needles or knives. Fitface carries no risk, no pain, no scarring or complications and no recuperation time. It is the new greener and kinder option to staying beautiful forever.
Dr. Christian Jessen - plastic surgeon and a TV personality (July 2010) warns of the risks of cosmetic surgery in THE UGLY FACE OF BEAUTY."1 in 5 are more miserable after surgery than before."
Start facial exercises today for a younger looking tomorrow.
The author of Fitface, Charlotte Hamilton has been an advocate of face exercises for over 20 years. She "talks to the reader" sharing her first hand knowledge of witnessing a botched face-lift and how a team of plastic surgeons saved her daughter's face and life. This makes Fitface very honest, readable a truly unique book endorsed by extensive research referenced with more than 60 pages.

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