Reverend Paranoia And His Psychotic Tales

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The Schizophrenic Writer

I am Jacob Howell, a paranoid delusional schizoaffective author whose works have recently appeared in several street newspapers, literary journals and horror magazines. I am mostly published in alternative presses and my writing is concerned with the issues of insanity, morality and the psychotic experience.

Psychotic disorders have been an enigma throughout the ages. Through my poetry and writings I will take you into the workings of the psychotic mind, and you will learn what it is like to truly be considered "insane".

Within my mind lies horrors beyond the understanding of man. Within its depths one can find a world of spies, C.I.A. agents and thought control devices. This is a world that few travel to and it is here that one can face demons from beyond. If there is a hell then surely it lies within the inner depths of the psychotic, who roams our world in a terrifying alternate state of consciousness.

I have tried to capture the inner workings of the psychotic mind through my memoir, poetry and writings, which are painted within a paranoid delusional landscape. Within these stories one can meet an endless array of persecutory monsters that haunted my mind, and still continue to haunt the minds of millions


"Homeless Sam" - Streetvibes, May 2009

"Homeless Sam" - Forgotten Voice, Vol. 2, No. 12, May 2009

"Dinner for Eight" - Sex and Murder Magazine, Vol. 1, Issue 2, September 2009

"The Man Atop the Hill" - Forgotten Voice, Vol. 3, No. 1, October 2009

"Code Yellow" - blackheart magazine, February 25, 2011

"The Disguise" - The Contributor, March 2011

"Parallel Universes", "The Game", "The Secret" - Twisted Dreams Magazine, June 2011

"The Mission" - Static Movement, April 2011

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Reverend Paranoia And His Psychotic Tales

Authored by Jacob Howell

Dedicated To The Millions Who Suffer Alone

Reverend Paranoia And His Psychotic Tales is a collection of stories based off of the authors delusions and hallucinations. It begins with a brief memoir into the author's personal experiences with psychosis and schizoaffective disorder. A series of short stories follows the memoir which are created from the authors fantasy world that he had created within his own psychotic mind. Within, one can see the nefarious creatures that haunted his mind, and continue to haunt the minds of millions.

Based off a delusion
"Code Yellow"

By Jacob Howell

Some years ago Code Yellow was sent to all C.I.A. agents. It's message was simple;

They know about us. Find them.

Thousands of C.I.A. Agents received it and knew what to do. Scouring the city they tapped every phone line and watched every citizen, to find the schizophrenics. Many of the schizophrenics were eventually found and placed in institutions. Fewer escaped and ended up in hiding. Others still roam the streets suspicious and unsure who to trust.

Frank is currently in charge of operation code yellow. He is a high ranking schizophrenic hunter because he has captured more of them than most C.I.A. Agents. He keeps a tally of all the schizophrenics he captures and reports the numbers to the government. His office is littered with pictures of the ones he has helped capture.

Frank knows what happens to them afterward. He knows that they are poisoned with medication, and that tracking devices are implanted underneath their skin to keep tabs on them, but he doesn't like to think about it. He doesn't deal with that side of things, only the cat and mouse game that he plays every day with them in the C.I.A.'s intelligence room.

Inside this room is where all the spying takes place for operation code yellow. All information about the schizophrenics are sent here for further analysis by Frank and his colleagues. Today Frank discusses with the other hunters ways to capture them in his intelligence room. Computer monitors on a screen within are tracking the most knowledgeable and therefore dangerous schizophrenics."

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