The Wheel of Destiny

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About the author:
Patricia McLaine is an internationally known psychic, tarot reader, astrologer and writer. Her worldwide clientele includes the celebrated in the fields of entertainment, politics and business, in addition to those from every walk of life. She has written several books, appeared on television and radio shows, and been featured in newspaper and magazine articles, in addition to being presented in the Time-Life Books series, Mysteries of the Unknown, in the volume Psychic Powers as one of the "psychic elite." Pattie was featured in the series "Strictly Supernatural" on the Discovery Channel in the segment on "Tarot." Her show on Blog Talk Radio, "Exploring the Paranormal with Pattie," may be heard or downloaded at or on her website:
Pattie resides in Alexandria, Virginia.

The Wheel of Destiny

The Tarot Reveals Your Master Plan

Authored by Patricia McLaine


Explore the 22 Keys of the Major Arcana and discover just who you really are or can be. Patricia McLaine's Master Spread covers all facets of life: work, play, romance and potential partners, spiritual quests and the Higher Self, finances, resources, children, basic personality, inner drives, inspiration, the home, talents, friends, past lives and fears.

Every possible position of each Key in her Master Spread is explained so that anyone can master this system. No more guesswork! Forget about stringing keywords together to interpret a spread; this book provides complete, colorful descriptions of every Key and its many variations within the Master Spread.

Discover the true Core of yourself as you deal the cards of Life...

THE WHEEL OF DESTINY is a perfect tool for any knowledgeable astrologer, for the Tarot Major Arcana depicts the 12 signs of the Zodiac and the 10 ancient planets.

"From the folly and wisdom of The Fool to the nurturing influence of The Chariot to the honor and responsibility inherent in The World, tarot psychic and author Patricia McLaine takes the reader on a memorable and informative spiritual journey through the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot. After a brief introduction to the system, each chapter begins with a basic presentation of a Key, including such associations as Hebrew letter, key words and occupational aptitudes. Then every possible position of the Key within the Master Spread is discussed for a thorough understanding and ease in interpreting the Life Path of our selves and others. The careful and reflective reader will learn his or her own special role on the Earth plane and in worlds beyond space and time as revealed in our own Wheel of Destiny. "The Wheel of Destiny" is highly recommended reading for all serious students and practitioners of tarot divination and metaphysical studies." James Cox, Midwest Book Review

The Wheel of Destiny: The Tarot Reveals Your Master Plan

I took this book out of the library because it had a beautiful cover with a picture of The World on the front. At first I ignored the book and had to renew it to read it. Once I began, however, it literally blew me away. It confirmed things I already knew about myself and explained others.

Where was this book when I was in my 20's? ... Patricia McLaine is a person you know you would love to meet. She has been involved with Tarot as a divinatory tool for over 40 years. She received the inspiration for this book while meditating on the twenty-two Major Arcana. She equates the information received through her Master Spread with that from a natal or solar horoscope. While the horoscope evolves from the alignment of the Sun, Moon and planets at the time of birth, the Master Spread evolves from contact with the Higher Self, or super consciousness.

To quote from the book: "The Master Spread will lead you through unexplored territory, for the painstakingly deliberate design of the Keys provide not only endless discovery concerning your own psyche but take the part of a wise counselor and guide for your excursion through the physical world. Key is an appropriate word for each card of the Major Arcana, fwhich unlocks a door of consciousness that leads to Light, greater wisdom and understanding."

This is a very powerful spread and shows underlying causes (conscious or unconscious) that reveal patterns in need of transformation to promote spiritual growth, but also instill self confidence on the earthly plane. Ms. McLaine equates a Master Spread with the essence of a Life Reading. (Having just done mine, I can tell you it is serious and only needs to be done once in your life.)

For those who work with the Qabalah, Ms. McLaine presents a well-done section that over-lays the Master Spread on the Tree of Life. I found this book easy to read with a great depth of understanding of Tarot and other systems. I was left with a feeling I had spoken with a very evolved soul.

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