I Have Proof of a Higher Power

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I Have Proof of a Higher Power

My Prophetic Dreams Predicting Real Events

Authored by Ioan Dirina


Ioan Dirina has written a book relating his dreams and how they often foresaw an actual event in the near future.In easy-to-read narrative and diary format,he has put down these dreams and the real events that they predicted.These diaries began with his days as a young man in Romania,and continued till present day in California,with all his travels in between.
His experiences offer proof of a supernatural entity,Mr.Dirina feels,because only such a higher power can know the future.This is a fine study of paranormal dreams which deserves to be read by everybody.

-On August 4,1964 I had a long dream about a former childhood friend Arsenie Lupu wearing a military uniform.
Next day I was reading a military textbook edited in 1877,and on page 104 I read something written by a Romanian general by name Lupu.

-On the night of February 4,1972 I dreamed that a pistol was given to me for my self defense.
Next day Daily News ran a story about destruction of about 16,000.00 pistols following legislation passed in 1968.I thought to myself that legislation like that only disarmed law-abiding citizens,not criminals,who are left armed to prey on innocent people.But no matter what,those law-abiding citizens will still continue to vote for rotten republicans or democrats, as long as they can still buy a six-pack of beer and watch their football games on T.V.After all,as long as there is enough beer in refrigerator and enough entertainment on television,Americans don't care what is happening to their country,their culture,or their race.
Typical American lives in a T.V.-induced stupor of soap operas,game shows,and endless sports.He will continue his lifestyle until Third World tide breaks down his door and takes over;please read:Suicide of a Superpower by P.Buchanan.

-On April 6,1976 I dreamed that House Speaker Carl Albert had died.
Next day around 1:00 P.M. I heard a news bulletin about him on station WIOR from Hemstead.

-On October 16,1980 I dreamed with movie actress Kim Novak.
Next day while waiting in doctor Angelo Stroe's office,I looked through a newspaper and I saw a classified ad of woman which began like this:"Pretty blonde 5'10",Kim Novak eyes".

-On December 8,1985 I dreamed that I was in a forest,where a woodpecker was drilling a hole in a tree.
Next morning I read a book titled Keeping Faith by Jimmy Carter,where it was a story about Colonel Charles Beckwith ,who told the President in the Oval Office that ".....the President of United States is as tough as woodpecker lips".

-On November 26,1988 in my dream I saw the "Hollywood" sign from where I was in Los Angeles.
Next day I watched channel 5,and at 6:51 P.M. and again at 7:18 P.M.,an ad appeared on screen with that word "Hollywood" in large letters.

-On April 8,1991 I dreamed something with physicist Albert Einstein.
Next day the Calendar section of Los Angeles Times announced that a series about him was beginning on channel 28.

-On June 16,1991 in my dream I was in a hospital where all patients'bills were paid by Medicare.
Next morning Los Angeles Times published an expose titled "Reimbursement schemes Costly for Medicare".
-On May 22,1992 I dreamed that I bought something at a store with a conterfeit $100.00 bill.
Next day Vasile Marcu called me alarmed, because he went to deposit $300.00 in cash which I gave him before,and was told that one of those bills was counterfeit.

-On August 12,1993 in my dream I talked with Nick Popa from Pico Rivera about his debt to me.
Next day I got a Notice of Sale regarding foreclosure on his house set for September 14.

-On December 13,1994 I was in a classroom where our teacher was a female member of Congress.
Next morning in Los Angeles Times I saw a photo of former congresswoman Elaine M. Anderson,who died at age 81.

-On January 24,2000 I dreamed with a woman named Martha.
Next day in L.A.Times I read this :"Martha Stewart's Stock is not a Good Thing".

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