Fairview Falls
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Fairview Falls

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Fairview Falls

It was the summer after graduation when a group of friends set off into the woods on a dare to visit the site where a ritualistic animal slaughter occurred. When one of them is brutally murdered, it sets off a chain of events that leads to the discovery of a new threat forged by the most sinister evil Fairview Falls has ever seen. With special appearances by Sal Sirchia (KNOCK KNOCK) and Debbie Rochon (THE THEATRE BIZARRE).

"An ambitious indie horror project... Baisley is a man with vision and a voice worth keeping an eye on." - Critical Outcast

"Fairview Falls gives indie fans many things to get excited about." - Hacked in the Head

"6½ out of 7. Fairview Falls is a very entertaining independent feature flick." - Independent Flicks

"4 Stars. Fairview Falls provides a righteous mix of emotion and lunacy, with the film's bloody conclusion rallying together the hectic present and the repressed past." - Horror News Network

Debbie Rochon

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Format: DVD-R
Fairview Falls
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