Morgen of Avalon

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Carol Weakland has written numerous theatrical adaptations of literary works including, The Arthurian Trilogy, a series of plays based on the legends of King Arthur. She is an accomplished live actress, performing the leading roles of such classics such as Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and The Scarlet Letter. She is a certified Reiki practitioner and teacher who deeply believes in the spiritual quest. ARCH studies and practices have also served to strengthen her belief in angelic guides. Carol's great love for animals is apparent in every aspect of her life. Carol Weakland's debut novel, Land of the Twilight Mist, focuses on a group of angels that are far from the perfect beings often represented in historic text.

Morgen of Avalon

Dreamspell 1

Authored by Carol J Weakland

"Weakland is a talented writer...(who) admirably weaves pacifistic themes in a novel thrawt with war." -- Foreword Clarion Review

Forget everything you know about Morgan Le Fay and enter the world of Morgen of Avalon.

She was King Arthur's healer, his love, the Faerie Queen destined to help him evoke peace throughout war torn Britannia. And so Avalon's brightest hope became human.

Mortality proves a double-edged sword that dulls Morgen's memories, especially when fate separates her from Arthur at birth. Magical in every sense of the word, the new found princess so irritates High King Uther Pendragon that he imprisons her in a nunnery where she forgets her purpose -- even her connection to Arthur. What can she have in common with a brother who instigates bloodshed every time he enters a battlefield? How can they share the same peaceful goals? Darkness clouds all perception until Merlin, a mysterious enchanter, captures Morgen's affections. This arch mage holds the key to uniting warrior and fairy, if he ignores the secret longings of his own heart. Passion and prophecy consume Morgen as she finds herself torn between two vastly different men while the battle for Britannia increases its fury.

Set amidst the backdrop of King Arthur's turbulent rise to power, Morgen of Avalon: Dreamspell, is the first in a series of romantic fantasy novels that introduces Arthur and Morgen as star crossed lovers-not the typical adversaries found in many Arthurian novels. Will their love be strong enough to over ride convention, free Britannia once and for all?

Story Excerpt

Morgen grasped hold of Arthur's bloodied sleeve, but he easily shook free. All the anger, the horror of betrayal, spilled forth in one great cry. "Look at you, Morgen!-your hair, your cloak-your very hands caked with blood!"

"As are yours! I see no difference between us-unless it be that I heal people, while you slaughter them!"

"Morgen!" Merlin tried to intercede, but he was too late.

Arthur grabbed Morgen by the wrists and held her fast. "Were you really out there healing Saxons-the very people who would have murdered all of us without a second thought?"

Understanding broke through Morgen's defenses, softening her heart. Arthur thought only of safeguarding the people by whatever means possible. War, at the present moment, was the only means he understood. Softly, she reached up on tiptoe and draped her arms around his neck. "Is it not possible that we each use different means to achieve the same goal? It is peace we seek now and forever. Surely we need not punish each other for that?"

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1456347586 / 9781456347581
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US Trade Paper
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5" x 8"
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Fiction / Fantasy / Epic

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