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Healing Loss

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About the author:
Miradrienne Carroll began her journey as a healer as a psychology major. Her understanding of healing passed through several stages, from believing that intellectual understanding was everything to believing that psychopharmacology was everything. While studying the philosophy of the social sciences she became convinced that the realm of healing behavior and emotion is a subjective art that borrows tools from science. A bit later she was impressed by the fact that the majority of modern medical science recognized only one effective treatment for the scourge of addiction-the program of Alcoholics Anonymous-which is spiritual in nature.

Introduced to A Course in Miracles in 1993, Mira came to understand that the core issue underlying all dis-ease is the mistaken belief that we are separate from God. While many physical, psychological, and cognitive tools provide effective relief and support to get through our problems, curing or solving them requires a spiritual approach. This applies to grief, addictions, codependence, psychological and emotional problems, and everyday impediments to a joyful life such as stress and negative emotions. From this perspective Mira offers counseling to those ready to look at their challenges in a spiritual light.

Mira embodies a strength forged from walking the path of healing from depression, eating disorders, alcoholism, nicotine addiction, and anger issues. With the gift of sobriety, Mira transformed from a "seeker" to a "finder." Through A Course in Miracles Mira uncovered her crystal light and is polishing the facets through the spiritual practice of forgiveness. Along the way Mira has become well-versed in practical recovery, cognitive-behavioral strategies, hypnotherapy, Byron Katie's Inquiry ("The Work"), the Mastery Forgiveness Process and Michael Mirdad's Healing/ Forgiveness Process, as well as transformational bodywork. Mira also borrows techniques from bioenergetics and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Mira's approach is eclectic and intuitive, choosing the right tool for each individual situation.

Mira is an ordained minister of the Foundation for Christ Consciousness, a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Licensed Massage Therapist. She is author of the book, "Healing Loss: Choose Love Now," and her articles "Forgiveness 101," "Interview with the Ego," "A Course in Miracles and Mother Teresa," and "Independence Day" have been featured in Miracles magazine.

Healing Loss

Choose Love Now

Authored by Miradrienne Carroll
Illustrated by Francene Hart, Daniel B. Holeman

Healing Loss: Choose Love Now outlines spiritual principles and practices for anyone who wants to heal, at any time, from the context of healing grief and loss.

Healing Loss is about transcending heartbreak. It doesn’t matter what seems to have broken your heart; there is one answer that heals all. You are not alone, and you are loved beyond measure. You are love itself.

Our losses come not only in the form of death but from many events in our lives. Humanity’s ascension from the Piscean into the Aquarian Age is a pivotal time in history, and the time is NOW. The transition (which has already begun) will be a period of widespread “loss” because the old must be released to make room for the new. Chief among the old concepts to be discarded is the idea of losing at all. The Touchstones for Healing Loss place into grieving hands a framework of wisdom that puts grief in perspective.

Healing Loss is a healing tool to assist the disheartened and those temporarily blinded by grief. A timely reminder to students of metaphysics, A Course in Miracles (ACIM), Science of Mind, and New Thought, it also introduces ACIM to the new student. Healing Loss outlines a true solution to the losses of life through positive, non-denominational, non-dualistic spiritual practices that foster joyful, loving being beyond the detour of grief and loss.

Healing Loss includes:

~ 20 spiritual touchstones to carry you through grief to joy

~ 23 full-color plates of high-vibration spiritual art

~ worksheets to guide you through your healing process

~ referenced quotes from A Course in Miracles

~ crystal suggestions to support specific healing vibrations

~ simple methods for meditation

The healing power of the Touchstones for Healing Loss is increased through experiencing the sacred artwork that opens every chapter. A crystal touchstone to enhance the vibration of each healing practice is offered.

Praise for Healing Loss:

Finally, a comprehensive book based on A Course in Miracles that addresses healing! Healing Loss is a wonderful, detailed workbook that takes the reader on a journey through the soul to find a place of healing. Beautifully illustrated and full of quotes from ACIM and other sources, author Mira Carroll’s book clearly outlines what it takes to apply the principles of forgiveness during times of loss or any other period of healing.
~ Michael Mirdad, renowned healer and best-selling author, You're Not Going Crazy . . . You're Just Waking Up! and Healing the Heart & Soul

Ultimately it really doesn’t matter what particular loss catapulted Miradrienne Carroll into the pain that hastened her awakening to Truth, for her loss became a diamond, which she polished into the uplifting and empowering beauty (for all to see and learn from) that is her book. As the teachers who have gone before her, Mira Carroll shows that for those who are willing to do the spiritual work, out of great pain comes great beauty; and as Keats wrote, "Beauty is truth, truth beauty." The overall effect of Healing Loss (the skilled intertwining of wise text, exquisite quotes from A Course in Miracles and other sources, and the magnificent artwork) is a gentle beauty that is encouraging, inspiring, and healing. Deftly and lovingly, Mira Carroll combines her healing wisdom with gems from Jesus and other teachers of healing until her book becomes a hymn to the eternal verity of our oneness with God that we can all sing.
~ Rev. Lynne R. Matous, M.A., editor

... a beautiful book, both in its physical form, and in its rich and very inspiring content. Anyone could benefit from working with it who is healing from perceived loss, however large or small, however recent or deeply embedded in the past.
~ Shelagh Cosgrove

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