The Antique Shop

The Antique Shop

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The Antique Shop

Want to know more about producing vibrant, fresh watercolor passages that glow?

Thousands have enjoyed this classic teaching video by the author of "Mastering Glazing Techniques in Watercolor", the first authoritative book on watercolor glazing technique.

This DVD has been formatted from the original VHS production master without the loss of any detail.

Watch as Don demonstrates his approach to developing this painting on site and in the studio.

Watch and learn in a special session as Don explains his approach to developing the composition for the Antique Shop. He also explains and demonstrates his choice of brushes and brush handling techniques. You get to watch as he discusses the types of pigments he uses and the importance of the sequence in which they are used.

You get to see all of the action from start to finish.
Only the drying time has been edited to produce a smooth flow of events.

American Artist Magazine

Title #350893
Format: DVD-R