RB7: Roller Blade Seven Trilogy
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RB7: Roller Blade Seven Trilogy

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RB7: Roller Blade Seven Trilogy

Roller Blade Seven Trilogy.

In the apocalyptic world a futuristic samurai warrior is sent on a mission to save the universe from destruction.

For the first time see all three films associated with the Cult Film Classic, Roller Blade Seven in one place:

Roller Blade Seven

Return of the Roller Blade Seven

Hawk: Warrior of the Wheelzone

Televised Broadcasts:
U.S.A. Network's, "Up All Night."

KTLA, Channel 5, Los Angeles.

Scott Shaw, Frank Stallone, Joe Estevez, Don Stroud, Karen Black, Donald G. Jackson

Winnetka Film Festival:
Best Film,
Best Actor in a Leading Role, Scott Shaw,
Best Supporting Actor, Joe Estevez.

Tokyo International Film Festival:
Best Experimental Film,
Best Director, Donald G. Jackson,
Best Editing, Best Lead Actor, Scott Shaw.

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