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Uddhava Gita English

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About the author:
Michael Beloved (Madhvacharya das) took his current body in 1951 in Guyana. In 1965, while living in Trinidad, he instinctively began doing yoga postures and trying to make sense of the supernatural side of life.
Later on, in 1970, in the Philippines, he approached a Martial Arts Master named Mr. Arthur Beverford, explaining to the teacher that he was seeking a yoga instructor; Mr. Beverford identified himself as an advanced disciple of Sri Rishi Singh Gherwal, an astanga yoga master.
Mr. Beverford taught the traditional Astanga Yoga with stress on postures, attentive breathing and brow chakra centering meditation. In 1972, Madhvacharya entered the Denver Colorado Ashram of Kundalini Yoga Master Sri Harbhajan Singh. There he took instruction in Bhastrika Pranayama and its application to yoga postures. He was supervised mostly by Yogi Bhajan's disciple named Prem Kaur.
In 1979 Madhvacharya formally entered the disciplic succession of the Brahma-Madhava Gaudiya Sampradaya through Swami Kirtanananda, who was a prominent sannyasi disciple of the Great Vaishnava Authority Sri Swami Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada, the exponent of devotion to Sri Krishna.
After carefully studying and practicing the devotional process introduced by Sri Swami Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada, Madhvacharya was inspired to do a translation and three commentaries to the Bhagavad-Gita. This led to his completion of this translation of the instructions to Uddhava, advisories which complete the course given to Arjuna. A full commentary with devanagari script and word-for word meanings is published as Uddhava Gita Explained.
This translation does not concern religious affiliation. It is designed to give readers insight to what Sri Krishna discussed with Uddhava. There is no conversion pressure. This is free of missionary overtones...
Anyone studying and reading this discourse is blessed by Lord Krishna:
su-viviktam tava prasnam mayaitad api dharayet
sanatanam brahma-guhyam
param brahmadhigacchati (24.25)
He who concentrates on your questions which were thoroughly analyzed by Me, attains the Eternal Supreme Spiritual Reality which is a secret in the Vedas. (24.25)
ya etat samadhiyita pavitram paramam suci
sa puyetahar ahar mam jnana-dipena darsayan (24.27)
He who reads this purifying and flawless discourse, is purified day after day by showing Me through the use of the illuminating intellect which gives knowledge. (24.27)

Uddhava Gita English

Authored by Michael Beloved

This is an easy-read translation which renders the deep insights of Sri Krishna. Uddhava Gita is a rare text, a special gift to humanity. It maps the inside of the human psyche and discusses the influences and range of matter, spirit and the Supreme Spirit.

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0981933203 / 9780981933207
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US Trade Paper
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