The Power of Rejection
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The Power of Rejection

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The Power of Rejection

Darksoul Theatre Presents Mikhail Tank's THE POWER OF REJECTION. Live in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Audience comments:
(Mikhail) has Juice!
Old time theatrical artist
Is not here to please, but to share his ideas
Deep and hypnotic
Powerful and helpful

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Written, Produced and Performed by Mikhail Tank
Live Photography by Skot Nelson
Videography by Kryshan Randel
Lyrics & Music published by Prince of Darkness (BMI)
Except for the 'The Golden Hand' and 'The Stinger'
Music written by Daniel Levin and published by Daniel Levin Music (ASCAP)
Co-director Ann Berry

Meteorite ring especially made by Ian Barrett
Golden glove especially made by Dorothy Gaspar
Ad photography by Patti Garcia & Anthony Mongiello

Special thanks to Isabella Kessel and Jacob Gradowski

The Power of Rejection - a mesmerizing journey through everyday rejection scenarios. Mikhail's portrayal intensifies those scenes to the point of the audience feeling his projected pain, then he offers a simple release. He masterfully shows that if you chose to let go of the bonds of rejection, you can start anew and build a better you. - Mona (Canada)

Mikhail Tank

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