The Sinner
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The Sinner

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The Sinner

A man named Fisher Rood helps a junkie escape her hellish circumstances. He's a cigar smokin', tequila drinkin', tattooed, fist-fightin' hoodlum on a mission to tear down Satan's kingdom one lost soul at a time dispensing old testament style justice while out-running the agents of an evil, global corporation. This DVD comes with over 35 minutes of extra content including an interview with Charles Wiedman, David Christopher and Mercury Charlie, more from Alex Jones and two vignettes featuring characters from the dark world of The Sinner.

"Totally Awesome. Gnarly. Mentally challenging. Thrilling and mystical." - Tristan Truscott

David Christopher, Alex Jones, Savannah Welch, Katherine Willis, Jesse Dayton

Title #353534
Format: DVD-R