Electronic Sound And Light Garden
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Electronic Sound And Light Garden

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Electronic Sound And Light Garden

Specially created to appeal to lovers of the electronic arts and to enhance the healing effects of medical marijuana, a collection of 16 new emergent music and visual music videos by Ronald A Pellegrino. All pieces included in this project involve Apple instruments in one way or another targeting the affordable emergent arts; this includes use of version 3 of the iPad as a principal music synthesizer.

Pellegrino is a pioneering composer, visual artist and author in the field of affordable emerging technology in "The Electronic Arts Of Sound and Light", the title of his classic book published in 1983, a work distributed and read worldwide. This DVD, Electronic Sound And Light Garden, is an extension of his recent project entitled EMERGENT MUSIC AND VISUAL MUSIC: INSIDE STUDIES which includes 2 books, 6 CDs and a set of 4 DVDs all available via Amazon.com.

All 16 videos on this DVD have been field tested on Pellegrino's YouTube channel during the course of 2012. They are presented here in more polished forms including superior audio and video resolution to what one would experience via YouTube's highly compressed versions.

Responses to the items included in ELECTRONIC SOUND AND LIGHT GARDEN from an international (North America, South America and Europe) array of composers, visual artists, electronic arts researchers and other musicians: "just knock-em dead gorgeous" "Fantastic" "Beautiful" "Brilliant" "mesmerizing" "Lovely" "joyous" "Very cool" "Spectacular" "Amazing light and sound"

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