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Cosmic Conundrum: Who Am I?

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Zendor Melchizedek hails from the star system of Centaurus, a three-sun system very, very, very far from Earth. That may seem too far out to some, and it definitely stretches the capacity for credulity, but in the discovery of who we are sometimes it stretches our concepts of reality to new levels.

The author in 'real' life has masqueraded as a quasi-new-age possibilities coagulator on a career path of constant evolution. He's earned a BS, MBA, MA in Organizational Management and Secondary Teaching certification. He is also a certified hypnotherapist and transformational life coach.

The result of his inquery is some very interesting observations as he maneuvered and negotiated way too many rabbit holes. Interesting thing is they all lead to the same place. The breadcrumbs he found turned into articulations of the journey - well crafted, occasionally funny and sometimes revealing great wisdom.

Cosmic Conundrum: Who Am I?

Am I Really Galactic? Coursework for Connecting

Authored by Zendor Melchizedek

Who are you? Really... Who are you? This workbook is an expository guide to facilitate multidimensional awareness. Are you a spiritual being having a human experience? Would you like to wake up the human to the spiritual experience? A point of perspection (introspection/perception) dances in the balance of the seer's vision.

Have you suffered from the limited experiences and thinking of others? Is it possible that you might have galactic origins from elsewhere in the Milky Way?

Many are awakening to the potential of galactic citizenry and/or spiritual connectedness beyond the notion of reincarnation. I can help you engage contact experiences and garner opportunities for developing your personal abilities and/or 'gifts.'

This psychospiritual coursework is designed to bridge worlds, build relationships across dimensions and transform lives. What you may think you know about extraterrestrials, guardian angels and spiritual beings will be challenged as you explore the pages of this book.

Points of view differ regarding our origins and the development of human beings through their 'dominion' on earth. What if there was more to the story that we haven't even explored yet because we've been too terrestrially focused in our 'outer' living environment? What is your natural state of being? Is there more? Would you like to find out?

Clearing the cobwebs out of the soular mind begins with questioning the very foundation of one's belief system. It doesn't hurt at all and it does lead to deeper understanding. This path is not for the timid, but your courage will definitely be rewarded.

This is a great companion Zendor the Contrarian: A Seminal View of Consciousness, Cosmology and the Congruence of Science and Spirituality -

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1456598740 / 9781456598747
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
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