Stars of Inclusion: Bong and Donnell

Stars of Inclusion: Bong and Donnell

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Stars of Inclusion: Bong and Donnell

This documentary takes you into the secret world of two friends who are willing to do just about anything and to share just about everything which shouldn't be told. Starting in third grade and continuing until high school graduation, every minute is a revelation about buddies, boys, and what trouble they can get in to. Bong confesses to doing Donnell's math homework; and Donnell reminds Bong that he's not telling his mother the truth. By junior high, they are forgetting homework and thinking about girls. In high school, they decide to explore their female passion and produce "The Mall," a video about their on-going rivalry to pick up girls. To their amazement, it wins a national competition and they end up on Good Morning America. 
The real-life drama of this documentary will inspire students in education, physical and occupational therapy, and social work programs.

"Bong and Donnell," produced by Academy Award(r) winning producers Susan Hannah Hadary and William Whiteford, was offered by HBO and has been the recipient of numerous awards including two national EMMY nominations.

Televised Broadcasts:
HBO, 1995

"The intimacy, trust, and mutual help the friends give each other is inspiring" -- The Hollywood Reporter
"Friends on a Roll" -- People Magazine
"Real emotion from real pals..." -- USA Today

Two-time National EMMY Award nominee
CableAce Award

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Format: DVD-R