Boundary Waters "America's Favorite Wilderness"

Boundary Waters "America's Favorite Wilderness"

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Boundary Waters "America's Favorite Wilderness"

The "Boundary Waters" is considered "America's favorite wilderness"... a million-acres of forest, lakes, streams and wildlife: bears, deer, eagles and many others. There are no roads or motors allowed, so much of what is experienced is as it has been for centuries.

This hour-long DVD is an epic journey to this world-renowned adventure destination. Five days we paddled, portaged and camped in one of the most pristine environments in the world.

This DVD is intended for all ages: teachers and kids in classrooms throughout America who want an in-depth, personal experience of what it's like getting there and camping in the wild.

This video is a source of inspiration and planning for those few of you who want to actually go there someday yourselves. Seeing how these pros do it can make your trip more enjoyable.

This is also for those who are content to experience the adventure vicariously through the magic of the video camera. You get to see the many sites, sounds and lessons of living and traveling in the wilderness without having to endure the hardship of weather, mosquitoes, bears and challenges of camping in the wild.

I first went to the Boundary Waters in 1984 on a three week, grueling canoe trip as part of Outward Bound Wilderness School.

Twenty years later, I am back visiting Minnesota from Alaska with my friends Joel Jungers and some of his homies from da hood. There were planning a major BWCA adventure even more challenging than what I had remembered. I was humbled and daunted by the route and distance they chose to embark upon.

For those few who know and love the Boundary Waters, especially those who have been there, this is for you to remember your own adventure in case you may not ever see it again.

It's one of those "once-in-a-lifetime experiences".

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