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Alien Made

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About the author:
Award-winning writer, producer. and director. A member of SAG-AFTRA since 1978.

What am I up to these days? I'm raising my family and fulfilling childhood dreams. I also blog, write and publish books, market my stage plays and screenplays, direct and produce films, plus create and teach educational curriculum and games at (LLC) and KjN Studios.

Alien Made

Jozeph Picasso - Alien Trilogy (Act 1) Filmmaking Adventures

Authored by Karl J. Niemiec

A Sci-Fi Mystery!

A witty tale of Aliens and Horror creatures twisted into three mysterious sci-fi acts to cloak true stories of surviving the darker side of Hollywood.

While pushing to get his first studio film made, Jozeph Picasso finds himself the bagman to an Alien Mob and the likely suspect in four brutal murders of his deadbeat tenants.

All he wants is his life and dog back. Instead, he finds the maddening truth. We are not alone. They are raising us like we did dogs, monitoring every human DNA development through our electronics, changing the environment for their financial gain, seeking a way to live on earth naturally like humans do, making us do their dirty work, and stopping us from knowing they are here from evolving into using more of our brains... at all cost ... or will set us back to the darkages.

Life as we know it doesn't exist. And there's nothing he can do about it.

Watch for Alien Biz out now and Alien Mobster - out 2013.

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"What fun! What a page-turner! Couldn't put it down. I zipped through this book in record time. Plot is bizarre, characters are fascinating, and the dialogue is all snap-crackle-pop. I want the next one NOW!"

Barbara Harper (Los Angeles, Ca.)

I just loved your book. At first I thought it was a straight-up murder/mystery, but when that weird cocker spaniel showed up I realized there was much more going on; and I must tell you it was a riot reading all the twists and turns and the trouble Jozeph Picasso got into. I couldn't stop reading. Your next book, Alien Biz is eagerly awaited.

Dinah Watkins, Carmel, Indiana

A note on living in LA:

It's the competition for showbiz jobs that makes living in LA so harsh. Everyone is looking to survive from job to job and part of the complex reality is keeping the other person from getting what you want. When you visit you are treated kindly, but once you move to LA you are just at the same table reaching for that perceived last piece of pie.

It's that sense of being on the outside looking in on a showbiz career that I based Jozeph Picasso Alien Trilogy - Filmmaking Adventures on.

I twisted it into a sci-fi adventure to keep those who know that I know from breaking my legs for telling it in print.

But in truth, the only true way to beat LA is to be that person who creates jobs for others based upon your perceived talents, the image, that persona, you've created for yourself. Then you are wanted and needed to keep food on the table for others. But don't let that fool you. Keeping food on the table for those below you is an everlasting struggle, yet an honor, but keep food on the grand table of those above you, and suddenly you are the golden child and life seems to be a gift, even if it's just to make their lives work better as their irreplaceable assistant.

In either case, it's the smart ones who know that to stay relevant in LA you have to keep reinventing yourself daily, even in the slightest way, and creating that air of importance and better than thou, or yes being a jerk, is just part of keeping your feet out of the La Brea Tar Pits - the real story under the Sun and Palm postcards of living in LA.

Karl J. Niemiec

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0983366306 / 9780983366300
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
Black and White
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Fiction / Science Fiction / Adventure

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