Custom Clay Pottery Tools Part 1 - Making Pottery Tools from Clay
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Custom Clay Pottery Tools Part 1 - Making Pottery Tools from Clay

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Custom Clay Pottery Tools Part 1 - Making Pottery Tools from Clay

Janis Wilson Hughes, owner of Evolution Stoneware Pottery, presents this detailed instructional video on making custom pottery throwing tools and sculpting tools from clay. Janis Hughes developed this innovative technique and shares it with you in a straight forward and thorough presentation. Techniques for making many different kinds of pottery tools are presented in easy to follow, step-by-step instructions with design, forming, firing, and usage tips. Both beginners and advanced potters will find great value in the concepts shared here. Your tool kits will be expanded with custom ribs and throwing sticks, and your approach to making new forms may be changed forever. As Janis says, "If you can make pottery tools out of clay itself, then why doesn't every potter make their own custom throwing and sculpting tools?" Now with this video workshop you can!

This series is great for potters at all levels of experience. Save money on tool expenses, customize your tool kit to the max, and make your own pots highly unique with the Custom Clay Pottery Tools video series. Don't miss Part 2 to learn new ways to simplify making matching sets of curvy pots as well as creating challenging, complex contours with the help of your custom tools.

Janis Wilson Hughes is an accomplished professional potter and ceramics instructor. Her works have been shown in galleries across the United States in numerous national and international exhibitions. Her work has been featured on the cover of Clay Times magazine and in Pottery Making Illustrated magazine. Visit her website for more information.

69 minutes, NTSC

Chapters: 1. Intro 2. Concept 3. Design 4. Considerations 5. Making Flat Ribs 6. Making Cupped Ribs 7. Making Throwing Sticks 8. Firing Your Tools 9. Polishing Your Tools 10. Conclusion 11. Preview Part 2 - Using Custom Tools 12. Credits

Janis Wilson Hughes

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