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The Biblical Consequences of an Expanding Earth

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David Freed MLS(ASCP)cm

I am originally from a Northern Indiana community with a large Amish population. I was shirt tail related and immersed in their culture. Their unique perspective of the world awakened my own attitudes about spirituality and our relationship to the Creator.

As a graduate of two different schools of science and an associate member of the American Society of Clinical Pathology, an investigative, data collecting, hypotheses making, exercise in Pondering the Confusion of existence has always been a primary preoccupation in my life.

The Biblical Consequences of an Expanding Earth

The Fluid Dynamics of Whole Earth Decompression Theory

Authored by David Freed MLS

I have always wanted to discuss theological issues to depths that made everyone else uncomfortable, and I have never understood that. If scripture is credible, then why can't it be discussed from the perspectives of psychology, chemistry, genetics, or even sub-atomic physics?

We are all born into a cultural bias and grow up in environments that reinforce our cultural views. However, we must be aware of our own limitations of understanding. Education, heritage, and situation form the biases we use as crutches to interpret the data around us. Add to our impediments, the biological nature of cognitive process and the inability of our biology to cope with the non-linearity of time. We must open our perspectives to a much larger reality than just the corner church. The war of words revolves around semantics and it is the semantics of our understanding that has fueled the conflict between science and religious mythology.

Here we are in a technologically advanced age. It is a good time to be alive and our access to information from the broadest scale is unprecedented. Yet, progress has in many ways has led to regress. The more and more specified scientist become within their areas of expertise they actually become disconnected from the bigger picture.

The science of Whole Earth Decompression Dynamics leads logically to The Fluid Dynamics of Whole Earth Decompression Theory and finally there is a scientific mechanism to explain all of the dynamics of planetary geophysics, including the mechanism behind an expanding earth through decompression. A decompression sequence described as mantel fluids bursting forth and swamping Planetoid Pangea beneath the global floodwaters of Oceana; and then the landmasses rose through the waters and grew to elevation by the continued planetary expansion.

Planetoid Pangea and planetary decompression satisfies all evidence put forth by, Super-Continent Pangea Theory. Expanding Earth Theory, Plate Tectonics, Continental Drift Theory, as well as, provides a plausible mechanism to drive all those theories. The global flood sequence suggested by The Fluid Dynamics of Whole Earth Decompression Theory begs correlation with scripture.

What is the harm in laying literal scripture side-by-side with science theory? Point by point issues correlate very well indeed. It becomes perfectly safe to say - these two different paradigms are not in conflict. They agree so well, that if they were science theories alone, scientists from all over the world would race to make the correlations for themselves.

The question for me is not whether there is a God and an afterlife! The question, for me as a man, is if there is a God and an afterlife, and I do eventually meet my maker; will I be able to look Him straight in the eye and shake His hand, or will I be ashamed and embarrassed for who I really am? If there is no God and nothing more, then anything said or done here matters not. It is just the Confusion I Ponder until I expire. However, if there is something more, then how do I, or any one, make an honest and objective investigation of this possibility. I wish I felt comfortable just sticking to the facts, but let's just look at what the facts might be.

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