ET's Message To Humanity: A False Gospel

ET's Message To Humanity: A False Gospel

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ET's Message To Humanity: A False Gospel

The Ancient of Days Conference Presents:
The First Christian Symposium on Aliens

Filmed on Location in Roswell, New Mexico During the Annual Roswell UFO Festival.

Presenting a thorough Biblical response to the UFO & alien phenomena by many of the most noted Christian academics and ministers researched in this field.

Vision: To present Biblical evidence that the phenomena and entities commonly referred to as "aliens" by popular culture are indeed spiritual in nature, and are best described as the activity of "fallen angels" intent on deceiving mankind away from a knowledge of the true God and gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mission: To bring together many of the most noted Christian authors and researchers in the field of "alien" research, to equip the body of Christ against deception from "seducing spirits and doctrines of devils" (1 Tim 4:1) and to effectively minister to those currently bound and tormented by "alien" influence.

Guy Malone is best known as author of Come Sail Away: UFO Phenomenon & The Bible and as co-founder of, an organization dedicated to offering Biblical perspectives on the UFO / Abduction phenomena, and to helping people experiencing attacks from tormenting spirits to bring the torment to an end.
In 1999 he moved to Roswell, New Mexico as a missionary researching UFO cults.
In 2000, Malone opened "Alien Resistance HQ" in Roswell, as a clearinghouse of books
and videos on the subjects of UFOs and Aliens by other published Christian authors.
In 2003, he organized his first (of seven) "Ancient of Days" conferences held in Roswell, inviting both Christian and non-Christian researchers to present their findings to the public, and to "compare notes" amiably discussing their research together. Malone attributes "favor from God" to (ironically) being asked to serve as as Roswell's "UFO Festival Director" and as organizer of The City of Roswell's 60th Anniversary UFO conference in 2007. While in Roswell from 1999-2010, Malone traveled, ministered, "networked" and did outreach at annual UFO conferences around the country.
Aside from countless FM Radio and internet based interviews, Malone has been
featured in print publications such as the Fate Magazine article "Rebel With A Cause,"
in the Christian magazine Charisma's cover story "Aliens Among Us" and also appeared
on "UFOs in The Bible" aired by The History Channel. Guy Malone continues the work
of producing various websites and videos pertaining to the topics of UFOs and alleged "aliens." and offering the hope and evidence to those experiencing paranormal
harassment from seemingly alien entities, that the "abduction" experience can be
stopped - both in progress and as a life pattern - through relationship with Jesus Christ.

Guy Malone

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