Lori Williams - Remote Viewing: Is it Dangerous? (IRVA 2012)
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Lori Williams - Remote Viewing: Is it Dangerous? (IRVA 2012)

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Lori Williams - Remote Viewing: Is it Dangerous? (IRVA 2012)

Lori Williams has been researching, practicing and studying the science of Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) since 1996. As a professional remote viewer, Ms. Williams has worked with law enforcement to assist in missing person cases, conducting professional sessions for corporations that have had a direct effect on profit margins, working on archeological mysteries, and many remote-healing sessions. Ms. Williams began teaching Basic Controlled Remote Viewing in 2001, and is considered one of the first certified civilian Controlled Remote Viewing instructors upon completion of Lyn Buchanan's Problems>Solutions>Innovations (P>S>I) extensive training curriculum. She opened her first company in 1999, now known as Intuitive Specialists, which provides remote viewing and intuitive development instruction as well as remote viewing services and intuitive consulting.

In addition to her remote viewing activities, Ms. Williams is a certified hypnotist, a licensed massage therapist, and an accomplished public speaker conducting international workshops on fund raising, grant writing, and intuition development.

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