Beside the Manor Selby

Beside the Manor Selby

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Beside the Manor Selby

Beside The Manor Selby is a period drama starring cult film actors Conrad Brooks (Ed Wood) and George Stover (John Waters) which takes place in the Edwardian era and was inspired by the works of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Daphne du Maurier, Thomas Paine and Shakespeare.

The story revolves around the inhabitants of the Manor Selby in and their ties with the "developing theatre of horrors," i.e. The Great War in Europe.

Ellsworth Hall wrote, directed and scored this lavish production which was produced by Edward Hopf.

The DVD also includes the official trailer and music video.

"Features what just may be one of Conrad's greatest performances..." - Seb Godin, Conrad Brooks Fan Club on Facebook

"Woe to he/she who does not take into account the verities within this sublime photoplay. Take care; the opening newsreel sequence does not prepare you for the transcendent visuals, performances, utterances, and lavish music orchestrations. This meta-satire beautifully plays off the post-modern theory of ur-textual historicity." - Boulevard Denim, critic at large

"Beside the Manor Selby is brilliant, great writing. Incredible performance from the auteur, really outstanding. Great interplay between the characters, thoughtful and clever dialogue, very unpredictable. Music was perfect, really created a mood, Great job!" - Gerrit Marks, video producer

Conrad Brooks, George Stover, Joseph M. Dwyer

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