The Story of Light

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About the author:
Blessings to you. I am S. Roger Joyeux.
The story of light is the message I bring in this lifetime. It is not about me. What is about me is that this is my last lifetime before ascension. My soul has been incarnate since humanity first arrived on Earth. I bring my soul's extensive experience on Earth in the form of the body of knowledge that explains how light works on Earth. To ensure delivery, my soul has made sure that I never had a steady job and that I would always be directed back to my spiritual path. What has been steady in my life is my connection to spirit. I have always been well connected, and since 1990, I have been consciously connected. I have served as a channel medium and worked with almost all of the Ascended Masters and Archangels. I teach workshops on channelling and how light works. My crystal workshop is profound because I explain how each crystal works in its own unique way from the perspective of light and light frequencies.
I live in Calgary with Judy, my wife, and our two dogs, Magic and Sage. Our house is a light station. Light stations are explained in volume 2, chapter 12. I tend our vegetable garden and greenhouse in summer. Our yard has more than one sanctuary and will soon have a sweat lodge as Judy is a shaman. I have had a meditation room continuously for two decades now. My workshops have the intimacy of small numbers because our basement is very accommodating.
What more you may want to know about me is readily available from an internet search.

The Story of Light

Path to Enlightenment

Authored by Mr. S. Roger Joyeux

"The Story of Light" is a comprehensive and divinely inspired body of knowledge about how divine light works on Earth and in the heavens. Never before have there been so many individuals seeking the road to enlightenment! When "The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment" first came out in 2000, very few were ready to hear its message, and even fewer were ready to work with it. Since then, consciousness has risen significantly, and is now spreading to all who choose to be spiritual. The Story of Light is a unique and valuable resource for the devotee at any level of spirituality who seeks to understand the spiritual journey and the way divine light works with us on Earth. It is thorough, comprehensive, and carries the depth of divine wisdom. Chapter One gives you the foundation principles that govern divine light. It illuminates our mission and purpose, the structure of God's Oneness, the problems of density, and the reasons we are not enlightened beings as we arrive on Earth. Chapter Two, "The Etheric Body", could not wait; it had to be placed as near to the beginning as possible. The etheric body's role in working with light is integral to almost every discussion that follows. Our personal identity, protection, vibrational stability, and everyday interaction with the world around us depend on the etheric body's ability to manipulate light frequencies. Learn how etheric blueprinting encodes your karma, solidifies bonding at birth, and sets your astrological chart. Chapter Three explains what you need to know to get on, and stay on, the spiritual path. It helps you understand the creation of the first chakra and the innovations that will help you raise your kundalini. Chapter Four explains how you can use each of the seven major chakras to advance your enlightenment on Earth. It explains how the chakras work with light and light frequencies as their contribution to the enlightenment process. The final chapter, "Enlightenment", explains enlightenment. Definitions for the higher-self, the Light Body, and the soul, set the foundation to explain how you can achieve enlightenment. Enlightenment is a straightforward process that anyone having dedication, discipline, and love can complete. "The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment" takes the language of the light from the dimensions of the beyond and the beyond-the-beyond and translates it into everyday English.

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