Perceiving Reality and the Prophetic Process
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Perceiving Reality and the Prophetic Process

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Perceiving Reality and the Prophetic Process

Our capabilities in both life and ministry are continually constrained by how we "perceive reality". Whether in the world of the prophetic or practical ministry our spiritual development pivots on our ability to perceive the realities of God as they truly are. As we continue to "pursue the Church of the future" it behooves us as a prophetic people, to reach out for greater dimensions of reality so we can become who we need to be for each other and humanity.

In these three lessons, Dr. John reveals the process of transforming our present perception of reality into higher dimensions, so we can perceive all things as they truly are:

Part 1 - Dimensions of Sight: The Biblical construct of the spiritual dimensions or worlds of sight, including what is actually considered spiritual infancy and spiritual maturity.

Part 2 - Understanding Sight: Understand the progression of ascension from the lower natural world through the dimensions of the higher spiritual worlds. Thus, walking the road of the prodigal "sons" from the "distant country" to the "Father's house".

Part 3 - Prophetic Ascension: The actual description and application of the progression of ascension, with its ultimate goal as seeing as God sees.

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