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Missing You

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Missing You

Missing You, starring Lauren Myers, Spencer Wright, Merritt C. Glover, and Phil Duran, is the comical story of Laura, an intelligent and beautiful young woman with a plan for her life. Laura is painfully aware of her fast approaching 30th birthday and the fact that her dream of finding the one is still just a dream. Meanwhile, Rick, a handsome and successful young man struggles to understand women, as he too, seeks to find that special someone. Laura and Rick share similar interests, goals, and desires. They live in the same city, frequent some of the same establishments, and even know some of the same people. Their paths have crossed, but they have never met. Will they continue to miss each other? Or will they eventually find one another? And if they meet, what will happen?

The following are excerpts from a review of Missing You that can be found at Ryan's Reviews - http://lownobudgetreviews.wordpress.com/2012/02/10/missing-you-2012/

MISSING YOU is a rarity in independent film.

MY is a fun, funny film that can live in the "romantic comedy" realm without ending up in the "mushy and annoying" area that so many romcoms inhabit. It is filled with a bunch of real people, with real issues, and real lives.

Overall, I really enjoyed MY more than I expected to. In general, I am not a romcom kinda guy. Sure, there are exceptions (see my review for GEEK WAR here), but in general it's just not a genre I enjoy. MY was a romcom I enjoyed. It was funny, intelligent, filled with real people, and stayed away from the sappy end of the film spectrum, and I especially appreciated that it was a low-budget entry into a genre that just seems to be avoided by low-budget filmmakers. A fun flick all around.
Overall 7 / 10

Lauren Myers, Spencer Wright, Merritt C. Glover, Phil Duran, Billy Garberina, Megan Pribyl

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