The Testament of Astrology: Introduction to Astrology as an Esoteric Science

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About the author:
Dr. Oskar Adler was a key influence in the cultural life of pre-WWII Vienna, Austria. A physician, musician and metaphysical scholar, The Testament of Astrology is a course in cosmic esoteric wisdom. Adler also wrote, A Critique of Pure Music. A full biography of Dr. Adler is also available, by Amy Shapiro: Dr. Oskar Adler: A Complete Man. Learn more about Adler at

The Testament of Astrology: Introduction to Astrology as an Esoteric Science

Sequence One: General Foundation of Astrology

Authored by Dr. Oskar Adler
Edited by Amy Shapiro M. Ed.
Translated by Zdenka Orenstein

These lectures, first given between 1930 and 1938 in Vienna, in 7 'Sequences' comprise a college level curriculum. It has earned praise by Astrologers at Kepler College of Astrology, International Academy of Astrology and American Federation of Astrologers. Ronald Davison who met Adler in London, wrote that Oskar Adler was as near to being 'a Complete Man" as anyone he'd ever met. That quote became the subtitle to the biography: "Dr. Oskar Adler: A Complete Man, by Amy Shapiro, M. Ed., based on 22 years research on Dr. Adler's life.

Oskar Adler's lessons welcome new students, and challenge seasoned astrologers. As he explains: "This is the work of a searcher, for all searchers filled with a pressing desire for knowledge regarding the meaning of their existence within the immeasurable and unimaginable greatness of this universe. Overawed by a sense of our own inessentiality and by our short-termed existence on this grain of sand, "Earth," we are nevertheless elated at the thought of being witnesses of the eternal riddle. It may be that in this conflict we experience the nucleus of all that has guided the human spirit since the light of Reason was first kindled within.

Contents of Sequence One:

Lecture 1: General idea of Astrology as Esoteric Knowledge... What is esoteric knowledge? ... Natural Science and esoteric doctrine; Man and the universe ... The human body and number as bridge to the cosmos ... Astronomy and astrology ... The Self as key to esoteric knowledge

Lecture 2: Living Community Between Man and Universe ... Macrocosmos and microcosmos...
One-ness and the number One ...Suffering and sorrow as a further link to the cosmos ... The idea of fate ... Natural law and moral law

Lecture 3: The Enigma of Evolution in the Light of Esoteric Wisdom ... The Zodiac

Lecture 4: Evolution & Alchemy ... four elements ... Their relationship to inner life and to the road of development of man ... riddle of the Sphinx

Lecture 5: Cosmic Numbers and Human Development ... The numbers 4, 7 and 12
Zodiac and planets ... Periodicity and the law of rhythm ... Planetary symbols and digit-symbols

Lecture 6: The Three Cosmic Perspectives ... The cosmic importance of the moment of birth ... Heredity and self-development ... The second birth

Lecture 7: Zodiac-segments and Zodiac-symbols ...
The precession of the vernal point ... Eternity and temporality ... The road to the neighbor ... The road to one's own self

Dr. Adler closes Sequence One with: "Astrology shows us the road to knowledge of ourselves. How actually to walk that road is shown to us by love. He who can unite both will alone find redemption through the study of astrology."

The subsequent six Sequences build methodically upon this one, for those ready to go even further:

Sequence 2: Zodiac and Man
Sequence 3: The World of the Planets & Man
Sequence 4: Man and Earth
Sequence 5: Man in the Concert of the Stars Sequence 6: Movement of Stars & Course of Life
Sequence 7: Work on One's Own Horoscope.

The writing, translating, editing and publishing of The Testament of Astrology has been a labor of love for each soul privileged to absorb Dr. Adler's wisdom: Mrs. Zendka Orenstein (Translator), and Amy Shapiro (Editor), given the English rights by Mrs. Orenstein.

If you seek in-depth knowledge and inspiration on the celestial realms and meanings, your search will be rewarded many times over by Dr. Adler's brilliance, humor and compassion. He was first a physician; then a musician; lastly a philosopher who reached the heights and plumbed the depths of astrology. Many students report being touched by the warmth and magnitude of his SPIRIT far beyond casual intellectual interest. Might that happen for you, too? Find out!

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