The God In The Clear Rock

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About the author:
Lucian is hard to describe. We're pretty sure he escaped from some government lab when he was young. These days he's a practicing roboticist, biophysicist and biomechanical engineer. He's also a research fellow and senior strategic analyst for a private science think tank. His primary specialty is high-technology and bleeding-edge science, which really just means he likes cool toys. He has also been called a polymath and a futurist, but he says that just means he's hopeful.

In addition to several companies founded on his technology, Lucian has also been independently contracted to invent and develop some of the most advanced robotic equipment on the planet. He has a thing for robots - preferably the female kind (because all complex machines are females - and vice versa). He says he's only met a few male robots, and they were all heavily armed and quite mean looking. He has consulted for projects under the direction of numerous government and private groups around the world. In addition to robotics, he has a portfolio of advanced technology he was directly responsible for developing or inventing. His designs and inventions cover a broad range of industries including biomedical, construction, telecommunications, military, and aerospace. Virtually all of his technology is Restricted or Classified (mostly as a result of who actually has enough money to build the things he thinks up).

Outside his Entrepreneur and Science work, Lucian is a prolific writer. Professionally, he produces more than one million written words per year. He's also been producing multimedia for public internet distribution since the beginning of the broadband era. He's a recognized pioneer in the podcasting field and was the host of the Planet TV Show, which was one of the original non-commercial science and technology TV shows on the web and one of the first video podcasts in the world. The show was seen in 124 countries worldwide, and at the peak of its popularity, the videos were being downloaded millions of times each month. Lucian has authored numerous technical tomes that are not available to the public, in addition to this series of science fiction novels, The Ancients of Earth. He says he has to write fiction because he needs to get all the crazy things he's seen and been through in his professional life out of his head; otherwise he'd go insane.

But he admits, that might only be a matter of semantics.

The God In The Clear Rock

The Ancients of Earth Series

Authored by Lucian Randolph

"Seriously one of the greatest things I've ever read." - - Wil Wheaton, actor and author

THE GOD IN THE CLEAR ROCK starts with a bang...

78,000 years ago, a gigantic X-1 class solar flare erupts from the Sun and races toward Earth. When it arrives, it destroys a legendary race of giants; distant cousins of modern man. It also triggers the eruption of the Toba mega-volcano. This epic disaster pushes everything to the edge of extinction.

But something survived.

In ancient America, a strange presence begins to control the early humans who slowly arrive in the new world. Millennia pass as unknown plans unfold, and mysterious plots threaten to undo the efforts of millions of lives over tens of thousands of years.

All while the countdown to the next event draws closer to... today.

Unknown to modern man, the deadly cycle of solar storms is starting again. Our modern civilization will not survive the solar assault; not intact. As the first deadly waves of the storm arrive, the only scientist who can help is caught on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic.

At the same instant, a beautiful archeologist discovers a strange artifact buried deep in a newly discovered pyramid in the Yucatan. On this strange crystal tablet, is the engraved image of the Sun with a monster flare erupting from it. Around the image are warnings in a dozen unknown languages.

And inside this mystery, resides the God in the Clear Rock... who has a secret.

Now it's a race to discover the knowledge she holds before the unknown disaster arrives, and our modern world gets thrown back to the stone-age.

Publication Date:
Sep 24 2011
098360911X / 9780983609117
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
Black and White
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Fiction / Science Fiction / Military

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