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Back Story

Kathleen K. has created a library of Private Publications available at Her eclectic collection features narrative fiction centered on family life in The Lent Hand (Adventures in Beach Town Towing), literate erotica (Dark Prince, Heed Thy Queen) and the counterculture fictional memoir of Stoner with a Boner (It's a Long Story).

Transplanted to the Pacific Northwest from the Great Lakes basin, Kathleen K is a product of the small press/poetry culture with a background in alternative publishing. Her vivid use of language captures characters while life itself provides the twists and turns.

Her non-fiction book Sweet Talkers (Words from the Mouth of a Pay-to-Say Girl) is the true chronicle of a phone-sex business, now considered a cult classic. The book went out of print but never out of style. Intended for adults only, Sweet Talkers has survived on-line as a collectible.

Sweet Talkers is being re-released in print and eBook formats Spring 2012.

The rest of her work is make-believe. She makes you believe she's a tow truck driver who falls in love with a shattered family. She makes you believe she's a grocer with an after-hours fondness for pot and sex. She makes you believe she's an accountant hijacked in her car after work and ordered to Drive North.

Kathleen K. drops readers into situations as diverse as the world of Honey B., Sexual Consultant, and of Baby Girl Battersea, fatherless heir to a family fortune in the clutches of her selfish uncle. These books are not linked by theme or genre, this is a rich collection of all-age and adults-only offerings comprising decades of production.

Sharp dialog, elegant prose and a sassy attitude give the audience credit for reading between the lines. Consistently praised for her ability to capture tone and emotion, Kathleen K. is a strong voice in contemporary fiction.

Becoming available for the first time in print and e-book format, these Private Publications are varied in topic but easily identifiable as Words Arranged by Kathleen K.

Stoner with a Boner

(It's a Long Story)

Authored by Kathleen K

Stoner with a boner (It's a Long Story) is a pot-centric sexotic bedside reader for the adult mind.

KIRKUS REVIEW: Written in a loose, free-wheeling prose that mimics the narrator's lifestyle, the story glides from woman to woman and bong hit to bong hit without the burdens of plot or conflict.

... a memorable sexual escapade.

by Kirkus Reviews Dec. 2012

This fictional memoir is presented as a rambling narrative, thoughtful and funny. If this is a guy you know, this part of his life is on the down-low; not hidden, not advertised. It just is. Like his luck with the ladies, a sacred element in his life not to be squandered reliving on the job (and vice versa). In retrospect, we share his days of work and play. A grocer. A pot head. Lover and friend.

The language is tart and specific when it isn't wandering off toward reveries of the good old days. You're hearing the words of a grown stoner, an otherwise upright citizen, keeping his counterculture perspective alive one doobie at a time. It's a long story the way he tells it.

The sex has been steamy which makes for explicit recollections. He's a fan of the female, drawn to them as equals: equally interested, equally involved, equally independent. He's not dangling a more complex relationship than the one he offers in the here and now (there and then). He's careful to learn their names (Trixie, Belle, Bronwyn, Siobhan). He thought he liked little lean blondes until he had his eye lids peeled back by a tall redhead. He's not a user; he doesn't have to slink out the back door of a bar because somebody walked in the front door. He doesn't trick women into bed; it's more a matter of knowing.

It is what it is, not what it was, not what it ought to be, not what it might be. It is what it is - until it isn't. for the rowdier reader.

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