Clipboard Christmas Skits

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About the author:
About the Author

Tom Spence is a retired Marine Corps officer. He is an ordained minister in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. He is husband, father, and grandfather and returned to live in his native Oklahoma in 1999.

He has degrees in political science, biblical studies, theology, and counseling. Beyond his Marine Corps experience, he has been an independent trainer, counselor, and newspaper manager. He is currently the Pastor of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Burns Flat, Oklahoma.

Tom's two most recent works ares The Profanity Problem: And what to do about it and Acceptance of Authority: Returning to the boundaries of law and ethics. The first is a lesson targeted at those whom cannot seem to get a grip on a temperate vocabulary. The second is for those who constantly find themselves opposition to the law and often incarcerated because of this. These lessons are especially targeted at inmate populations, students with disciplinary problems, and groups with a self improvement curriculum.

Tom recently published two plays. One is based upon the 9th chapter of John's gospel. It is titled: 9 Encounters of John 9. The second is based upon the Parable of the Talents and is simply titled: Ten Talents.

His two most recent books are Christianity for Marines and ReBaselining America: Setting a foundation of liberty for the next 200 years. His other books include Sea Stories, Even the Elect, Tough Day at the Plate, The Best of Out of the Box, and First Steps Towards Eternity.

Tom first began publishing in the late 1980's with a concise article called "MarineSpeak-the modern language of our Corps." That short article in the Marine Corps Gazette spoke to the unique language of those called Leatherneck. He later published articles in the U.S. Naval Proceedings. They were "Lighten the Load" and "Analog Grunt Confronts a Digital World."

Tom publishes hundreds of articles online each year as a freelance author, including two blogs and the local paper.

Clipboard Christmas Skits

Authored by Tom Spence

It's almost Christmas and you haven't done anything to get ready. I don't mean Christmas shopping. I mean the Christmas program for the church.

Parents and children are running 100 miles per hour in every direction. There is never enough time and you couldn't get any less sleep than you do right now.

What are we going to do about the Christmas program?

First of all, don't panic. Christmas for all of the hustle and bustle that the world tries to cram in it, is a time of joy. Be joyful. Be joyful and know there are alternatives to the Christmas program that requires hours of preparation and rehearsal.

If you still live in that world where you can have unlimited time for children to practice songs and lines and movements for a special manger scene, then you are blessed. If not, then we are citizens of the Kingdom of God who currently reside in the same big zip code as most of us-the world.

Instead of throwing in the towel or traveling far beyond your stress threshold, try some simple skits that require minimal rehearsal and almost no memorization. The cast is not gender restrictive and there is plenty of room for local church color.

This short book contains 3 short skits or readings that can be conducted with the cast using clipboards or reading lines out of the view of the audience.

Shepherds with clipboards? Really? The Good Shepherd knows his sheep by name. The rest of them may need to call roll. The names of the sheep are not really attached to the clipboard, but the lines and cues are. You will be surprised at how quickly your cast picks up the genre of each skit.

Be blessed and be a blessing to others.

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