Stars of Inclusion: Sarah's Graduation

Stars of Inclusion: Sarah's Graduation

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Stars of Inclusion: Sarah's Graduation

This award winning documentary features the life of a successful high school senior as she prepares to select her short list of colleges. Juggling a really busy class schedule, her work on the school year book, and score keeping for the athletic teams, Sarah seems to do it all effortlessly, despite her cerebral palsy.

In a meeting with the school counselor, she talks about special accommodations she'll need for taking the SAT exams and what accessibility features are available at the colleges she's considering. No high school senior year is complete without the senior prom, and Sarah allows the camera to follow her just until she and her date climb into the limo, but then draws the line. With a smile and a twinkle in her eye, she waves good bye as she heads of for the prom.

This documentary captures real high school life and actual classroom scenes and extra curricular activities.

"...its ultimately about happiness and the affirmation of life. It's an extraordinary film about how special the ordinary can be." --The Baltimore Sun

"Just when you're ready to give up on television, a program like Sarah's graduation shows up..." --The Washington Post

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