Dead Right II
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Dead Right II

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Dead Right II

You're Going To Be Dying A Very Long Time...

After Deke’s (Michael Martin) violent rampage in Dead Right, his brother Bennie (Mitchell Martin) decides to take care of his sibling once and for all.
Bennie hires The Surgeon (Gino Vigil), a particularly twisted hitman with a penchant for torture, to capture Deke and make him pay for his crimes. When Deke wakes up drugged in a grubby, makeshift hospital room, being tended to by the creepy Nurse Bobo (Becker Von Felsburg), he begins to fashion a plan for survival. Handcuffed to a gurney and left in a desolate room, there is no easy escape for Deke.
Directed by Daryl Della, with an original score by Arbel Bedak, and special makeup effects by Josh & Sierra Russell, Dead Right II is a heart-pounding thriller that will leave you clinging to the edge of your seat!

Produced by Daryl Della, Michael Martin, Ray Revello, and Chris Cairo
Associate Producers Hank Della, Patty Martin, Mitchell Martin, and Marcus Martin
Screenplay by Hank Della

DVD Special Features Include:
Commentary by Daryl Della, Michael Martin, Mitchell Martin, Chris Cairo, Ray Revello, & Becker Von Felsburg
A Long Time Filming: The Making of Dead Right II - A 40 minute behind-the-scenes documentary
Outtakes -10 minutes of hilarious bloopers
Original Trailer- Prologue that acts as a bridge between Dead Right and Dead Right II
Becker Von Felsburg: Tree Boxer - An inside look at Becker's acting preparation

Michael Martin, Gino Vigil, Becker Von Felsburg, Mitchell Martin

Film Festivals:
Another Hole in the Head Film Festival 2013

Title #361796
Format: DVD-R