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About the author:
Jay North was born in Los Angeles in 1949. He was raised in the San Fernando Valley until he left to explore the world at age sixteen.
By the time Jay was fourteen, he was working in his first business: soliciting magazine and newspaper subscriptions. He hired a staff of five boys to help cover his large territory and paid them a commission for their orders.
When Jay turned nineteen, he became a hairdresser in L.A., and by 20 years of age he co-owned, individually owned or managed six hair salons from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara, California. In the beauty biz, Jay was responsible for over $6 million in product sales.
During that same time period, Jay became interested in the entertainment industry and helped market over $10 million in recording contracts and concerts.
In 1974, he married Pamela, his soul mate and companion for over 24 years, until her passing in 1998. It was Pamela who introduced Jay to Organic Gardening and Farming and in 1975 the world-famous Paradise Farms was born-which would soon earn the North's several million dollars.
The North's retired from the farming life in 1990 to pursue Jay's interest in Northwest Native tribes, particularly the Blackfeet Indians of Montana. While in Montana, Jay was adopted by Leonard J. Mountain Chief, an important elder of the Blackfeet Tribe. Also in Montana, Jay became an Antique Art dealer and has sold over $7 million dollars in Western Art and Native American Collectibles.
In the 1990's, Jay and Pamela created the Bird House, an association devoted to Bluebird recovery, which was responsible for several million dollars in donations through public relations efforts and birdhouse sales.
As a PR writer, Jay North has been published over 8,000 times and has been featured in all major press in the United States and abroad.
Today, Jay works as a full-time writer, part-time art trader and dealer, marketing/public relation's consultant, business owner and newspaper columnist. He never discounts his love of the earth, as he continues to grow organic vegetables and fruits in his backyard. And he never gives up his love for running water and fly-fishing!
Grow Yourself Rich is dedicated to the memory of Pamela.

Grow Yourself Rich

A Marketing Manual

Authored by Jay North

Since 1975, Jay North and wife Pamela (now deceased) have been recognized as the innovators of Specialty Organic Produce. The revolutionary organic-farming couple became famous for introducing unusual and out-of-the-ordinary produce crops to mainstream American culture. World-renowned food writer Emily Toile dubbed the North's the "Edible Flower Children" of the produce business. Jay, the "natural promoter" (as his mother always called him), was the marketer behind the success of the North's enterprise, a small farm near the coastal town of Carpenteria, California.

It all started one night in 1975. Jay and Pamela were out to dinner at their favorite Mexican restaurant, Delgados in Carpinteria. After Jay had returned from working in his hair salon, (that's right, he was a hairdresser) and Pamela informed him she was going to plant a vegetable garden to help feed their pet monkeys and the several other animals they owned.

The next day, Jay returned home to find his mother and Pamela outside the apartment building where the couple lived for the first few years of their twenty-four year marriage. Pammy had weeded out a small square in the middle of the lawn. Jay asked, "What are you up to?"

"This is going to be our garden!" Pammy proclaimed proudly.

"What?" Jay asked. "You call that a garden?" He drove four stakes into the ground, 50 yards apart, and announced, "Now this is a garden!"

Pammy protested, "It's too big. We don't need that much ground."

But Jay prevailed. And that was the beginning of what would forever change the direction of Jay and Pammy's lives.

In the chapters to follow, you will learn of the North's passion for their organic farm and for the gourmet food business. They became millionaires and world famous and gained a following as the innovators in the organic produce business. They appeared on many prime time television programs including: Today with Bryant Gumbel, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and Good Morning, America. They were popular guests on many radio shows; they were featured in numerous newspapers and magazines including New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, People magazine, Newsweek, the New Yorker and Gourmet and Sunset magazine, with over 8,000 news articles to their credit.

Their story is fascinating and inspirational and proves that farmers and backyard growers of any size, who have purpose and passion for their work, can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

The purpose of this book is to assist organic farmers in their quest to be successful gardeners and to profit from their endeavors.

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