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Why the Constitution Doesn't Apply to You

Authored by I C Thruit

Raise Your Right Hand and Waive Your Liberties Away!

They menace our streets, breaking into our homes, stealing our cars, and kidnapping our families. Aggressive and well-organized, armed thugs blanket their turf with fear, line their pockets with drug money, and savagely visit retribution on anyone who resists.

Criminals—or the police who are supposed to protect us from them?

Cops have been issued a blank check to ring up charges, but when it comes time to pay the Bill of Rights more than lip service, you’ll need to send those guarantees on to collections.

In precise, dynamic style, detailing graphic tales of State-sanctioned atrocities in the name of protecting society, Copaganda blows away the smokescreen veiling the insidious government incursion into the private space of the mind, and challenges the phony propositions at the very root of these tyrannical, hypocritical policies usurping the sovereignty over self.

Criminals Under Color of Authority: When cops kick down the wrong door, plant evidence, and sometimes kill in their zeal to fill prisons with nonviolent offenders, and how the media rushes to apologize for it.

Prisoners of War: A meditation on the mercilessness of consigning anyone to a cell. Includes an extended analysis of the revolutionary Stanford Prison Experiment.

A Matter of Semantics: The language of prohibition is charged with mindless prejudice, assigning moral values to substances based on who uses them, rather than what they do.

Improbable Cause: A history and legal critique on the many many ways the Fourth Amendment no longer applies to most of us.

Freedom is Slavery: The deceptive linguistics and practices of the Criminal “Justice” system, including the ethical crises of civil forfeiture, private prisons, and exploitative inmate labor.

Rhymes With Black: An inquiry into the racist roots of pharmafascism and a critique of the hysterical, bogus memes which instigate the crack-downs felt most harshly by ethnic and economic underclasses.

The War on Flower Power: We’ll let the reader guess as to the theme of this particular Article.

Suffer the Young: A declaration of rights for the last legally disenfranchised minority, minors.

The Nightly Newspeak: How television media promotes the perspective of the police, and what happens when independent journalists wield a camera for the sake of documenting untold stories of brutality.

Throwing Out the Baby With the Bath Salts: The history of research chemicals, how the Executive has assumed the prerogative of generating the law it then proceeds to enforce, and when the media goes undercover to make the news it will go on to report.

Sex and Drugs: Prohibitionists hate pleasure of any kind, and here we explore the curious parallels between the unfair laws which intrude on the most intimate associations between people, and those suppressing pharmacological choice.

To The Shores of Medellín: The international strife and poverty resulting from vindictive and environmentally hazardous interdiction efforts at home and abroad.

Cocaine Importation Amalgamated: Perhaps the anti-drug message would be more effective, if they pointed out that the crack you’re smoking may have come to you courtesy of Uncle Sam. That might be enough to make many quit.

At the End of the Tunnel: Why there is reason to hope, despite the overwhelming dominance of blockheads at all levels of government and in all three branches. The author’s own story concludes this light-hearted look at police corruption, media complicity, and the redefining of reality at the whim of an armed highway robber with a badge.

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0615511708 / 9780615511702
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
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