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Humanity 2.0

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Charol Messenger's books, blog, readings

About the author:
Charol Messenger is an award-winning editor and author of nonfiction books, memoirs, and narrative nonfiction.

A futurist, global visionary, and spiritual teacher since her spontaneous mystical awakening in 1975, Charol has served over 30,000 individuals through clairvoyant readings, classes, talks, her own award-winning books on personal and planetary transformation, and her blog from the Infinite Consciousness. With activated clairvoyance and enhanced empathy, Charol uses her "fast mind" to read soul vibrations, higher selves and guides, angels, the spirit world, ascended masters, the Akashic Records, and the universal I AM. In 1983, Charol was certified as a clear channel by ascended masters (including Djwhal Khul) via The Tibetan Foundation in Denver, Colorado. Founder of the Books for Iraq charity and international newsletter Global Citizen, Charol has a B.A. in English, philosophy, and world religions from the University of Colorado, 1985.

Humanity 2.0

The Transcension

Authored by Charol Messenger

Award-Winning Finalist in the 2012 national USA Best Book Awards in new age nonfiction; among the top 6 winners in this category. Also Finalist in the 2012 CIPA EVVY Book Awards in spirituality. Interviewed by THE FUTURIST magazine, World Future Society.

* Now are the times long foretold and prophesied.
* New Cosmic Insights on Our Lives Beyond 2012
* Humanity's Genetic Evolutionary Leap

What is humanity's destiny? Where did we come from?

Learn about the nature of reality and the cosmos, such as activated dormant DNA molecules and increased brain capacity-particularly in those born since the 1970s. Learn what consciousness is, how the universes are expanding, time is speeding up, what was before the Big Bang, dark energy, the magnetic zones' new phasing, and the new human body's health and longevity.

Learn the significance of global cultural transformations, such as the 2011 Arab Spring and global trends through the next decade, the next 25 years, this century and the next, including a new energy source. Learn what all this means to your everyday life. How you can enhance your innate intuitive senses, access your full creative abilities, and do what you were born to do.

Includes: Volume I: "The Prelude" (original award-winning The New Humanity, improved). PLUS new Volume II: "The Transcension" (new messages from the Universal I AM Consciousness received 3-11-11 thru 8-21-11, posts from the blog


"I was wowed by it, personally... profoundly spiritual... does touch on a lot of themes that are very relevant to the World Future Society.... another voice of hope for progress..." - Rick Doksai, associate editor THE FUTURIST

Bud Gardner, co-author Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul: "This uplifting, inspirational, heartfelt book offers a unique plan for transforming one's life."

Writer's Digest contest judge: "In a time of bleak news dominating even bleaker TV news programs, death and wars on other continents, unrest here in the U.S. and abroad, and all the other ills of humanity, this is a rather amazing, uplifting and soulful little book on the hopefulness of the future."

John S. Brennan, Founding Dean, Regis University's (Denver) School for Professional Studies: "Of all the spiritual authors and texts I have read ... the most comforting, readable, and flowing. As a reader of over 95 books on spirituality and a career of 40+ years (teaching in adult learning psychology and mentoring 150 graduate folks through masters programs, both genders, diverse cultural backgrounds).... I am impressed.... This book has a clarity of notions and perspectives and use of words that reach hearts and create motivation in others to embrace the generic nature of spiritual issues, while not creating fear of personal recrimination for considering their inner voice by attending to and/or honoring their spirit's beckoning.... Charol has much to offer all of us."

Sedona Journal of Emergence: New & Notable: "... prophetic reflections on humanity's next evolutionary step...."

John W. Parker, Dialogues with Emerging Spiritual Teachers: "... reflects a growing awareness that the planet is going through a huge shift in consciousness...."

Marty Segal, New Age Publishing Co., Miami: "A welcome addition to the universal journey of awakening. Nicely done!"

Judith Coates, co-author of Jeshua, The Personal Christ: "Wonderfully in alignment with the information we have been receiving...."

Barbara Munson, Circles of Life Foundation, A Reason for Optimism: "Singularly positive and hopeful, this book made me feel good about myself while helping me understand who I am."

Ursula Joy, Reiki master: "Fantastic! I could hardly put it down. Charol has a marvelous way of saying the most profound statements in an easy, casual way."

Linda Schiller-Hanna, clairvoyant and lightworker: "Charol Messenger's voice is untainted with ego. Here is a crystal-clear, heart-driven message that will bring you peace."

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Dec 17 2011
146379763X / 9781463797638
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
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