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Cathy Alinovi DVM
Dr. Cathy Alinovi received her general veterinary education at the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine.   However, the universe kept sending patients to Dr. Cathy that couldn't be fixed by general veterinary medicine.  So, she started by learning veterinary spinal manipulation (chiropractic to some).  Many of her lame patients became much better.  But there were a few who needed more.  Dr. Cathy learned applied kinesiology as it applied to chiropractic.  More patients got better.  Then, she took the course that changed everything - it was supposedly about allergies.  Well, it was about allergies, but really it was about feeding real food and what commercial food does to our pets.  After a major guilt trip for feeding corn and by-products (but it's a prescription line!!) to her allergy dog, she switched to real food and in 3 days her Lady dog stopped a lifetime of aloof behavior and became friendly and loving.  Oh, and Lady stopped itching and shedding.  After that, Dr. Cathy became certified in veterinary food therapy, herbal therapy, tui-na, acupuncture, and aromatherapy. She is a student of homeopathy, is completing her training in advanced functional neurology (there are still a few patients requiring more education), and she is an instructor of the Healing Oasis Wellness Center in Wisconsin.  Nutrition is at the heart of every exam in her integrative practice, curing over 80% of all problems. Her practice, Hoofstock Veterinary Clinic, is located in Pine Village, IN providing care for dogs, cats, small ruminants, llamas, horses and livestock.

Susan Thixton
Susan Thixton, dubbed the 'Caped Crusader for Safe Pet Food', is a pet food safety advocate. Her website, TruthaboutPetFood.com provides pet food education to pet parents all over the world.

To learn more about commercial pet food, read Susan's first book 'Buyer Beware, The Crimes, Lies, and Truth about Pet Food' and subscribe to the free newsletter on TruthaboutPetFood.com.

Dinner PAWsible

A cookbook for healthy, nutritious meals for cats and dogs.

Authored by Dr. Cathy Alinovi DVM
Authored with Susan Thixton

There's a reason why your pet begs at the table. They want real food!

Remember the doggie bag? Pet parents used to bring part of their steak or chicken home to their dog or cat. Just a couple of generations ago, people fed their pets the very same foods the rest of the family ate. So why did we stop doing that? Because we were told that 'people food' wasn't healthy for our pets. Why? Is there a scientific reason why 'people food' such as chicken, beef, fish, or fresh vegetables wouldn't be healthy for our cat or dog? No; there was no scientific reason then, and there isn't now.

Think about the pictures on a bag of cat food or dog food...they are all pictures of real food aren't they? But when you open up the bag, you see brown kibble (or sometimes red and yellow kibble thanks to risky food dyes). Where did the real food go? Those real foods on the bag have been pulverized and cooked beyond recognition. Often, those real foods have been cooked to such an extent nutrition is destroyed; requiring the addition of added vitamins and minerals (often synthetic sourced from China) which the real food should have provided.

It's time to go back to the table. It's time to know exactly what your pet is eating, it's time to give them a variety of real food. Balance their diet and please their palate!

Dinner PAWsible is a collection of 22 cat food recipes, 29 dog food recipes and two healthy treats based on the National Research Council requirements for dogs and cats; the same organization that commercial pet food nutritional foundations are based on.

Dinner PAWsible is not only veterinarian recommended, it was co-authored by a veterinarian certified in food therapy! Dr. Cathy Alinovi DVM is trained in a variety of alternative and holistic methods including veterinary food therapy; her practice is located in central Indiana. Nutrition is the heart of every exam, curing over 80% of all problems. Co-author Susan Thixton is a leading pet food safety advocate whose website, TruthaboutPetFood.com helps to provide pet food education to a world of pet parents.

Don't wait another day, start cooking for your pet. Cooking for your pet is pawsible!

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