Moonrise - In the Studio with Michael Calandra
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Moonrise - In the Studio with Michael Calandra

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Calandra Studio

Moonrise - In the Studio with Michael Calandra

Join internationally known Heavy Metal Magazine fantasy artist Michael Calandra as he takes you step by step through the creation of his ethereal painting "Moonrise". In this informal session in his studio, Calandra begins with the drawing process and takes you through his process of painting from start to finish.

Using a combination of airbrush and traditional painting methods, Calandra covers many different techniques, including highlighting, layering, masking, and creating textures.

Michael Calandra is an internationally recognized fantasy artist specializing in images of a dark and haunting nature. Often depicting a commanding and sensuous female figure, he uses dramatic poses, lighting, and color to produce atmospheric settings that reflect the essence of his subjects.
Known for his cover and calendar work with Heavy Metal Magazine, his art can be found all over the world as book covers, cd covers, illustrations, in private collections, calendars, and as licensed images.

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