The Artful Traveller

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About the author:
David Tuffley PhD has spent four decades travelling the world, evolving and perfecting this book. David became interested in how and why a journey can lead to personal transformation. This how-to guide is for everyone who wishes to deepen the experience of travel, to have what has been called 'peak experiences' when without the aid of drugs, a person enters into a sense of one-nes with the world and all within it.

When not travelling, David is a University Lecturer in Australia where he teaches philosophy. He is also the author of Satori Now: Awakening Your Highest Self, a Zen practitioner's guide to enlightenment.

The Artful Traveller

The Flâneur's Guidebook

Authored by David Tuffley

The Flâneur is an idea originating from the French poet Charles Baudelaire. In Baudelaire's world, the Flâneur was an idly-rich dandy, who wandered about the streets of 19th century Paris seeking a remedy for ever-threatening ennui.

In this book, the 19th century Flâneur is re-born in the 21st century as the Artful Traveller; a person, not necessarily wealthy or idle, who seeks an authentic experience of a city by strolling about it in an unstructured way, responding intuitively to what they encounter. The Artful Traveller remains detached, non-judgmental; appreciating the nuanced perceptions that come their way.

This portrait of the Artful Traveller is painted from several perspectives; it begins with Baudelaire's original artful stroller as the outline, then the details of the portrait are fleshed out using Pyschology and Cognitive Science, with finishing touches from a Zen-Taoist perspective.

Travel is an expression of the human instinct for freedom and it is an instinct we share with every other creature on this planet. We all instinctively need freedom so we can move about and find what we need in life.

For many people living in the world today, travel is a luxury afforded once or twice a year, if at all. Living sedentary, indebted lives that keep us tethered to one place, the instinct to travel is frustrated but not extinguished.

When we do manage to get away, do we really enjoy the experience? Not if we approach it with the wrong mind-set. The same journey can be a source of pleasure or misery depending on your mind-set. When travel is done with an open mind, it can be a transformative experience. When approached with a rigid, judgmental mind, every encounter is unpleasant.

The Artful Traveller is a handbook for people everywhere wishing to deepen their appreciation of the art of travelling. Chances are, if you are reading this, you are such a person.

Read this book with an open mind. Suspend judgment long enough to absorb the message, then decide.

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