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The Fembot Chronicles

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About the author:
D. B. Story is a writer living in the southwestern United States. While that territory can cover anywhere from New Mexico to Hawaii he declines to be more specific at this time. His use of the time-honored artifice of writing under a pseudonym comes from the necessity to still maintain a day job and the habit of employers to Google new applicants to discover what stupid things said applicant is willing to foolishly do, and then doubly foolishly post for the world to see afterwards. Such invasions of one's personal life become an unnecessary distraction. D. B. Story has long had interests in both Science Fiction (since first discovering his mother's secret cache of Ace Doublebooks stashed under her bed) and writing. In fact, anything he has enjoyed participating in he eventually has a desire to create as well. He seriously began writing (although not selling) stories ten years ago due to a dissatisfaction with what he was reading at the time and the belief that he could do it better. He started out with the interaction between humans and the sexy robots they would inevitably create and later branched out to other erotic Fantasy and SF genres. During that time he has written everything from flash fiction to a 402,000 word novel and a screenplay based on his other writings, as yet unsold. Whether his writing is actually "better" he admits he must leave to his readers to decide, but he likes his stuff a lot. He has often said that, "Writing time is always good time." He also says that with the advent of cheap computers, word processors, eBooks, and the Internet that times have never been better for a diversity of writers to be heard.

The Fembot Chronicles

Volume 5

Authored by D. B. Story

Five more intriguing stories, plus a bonus, about our future interactions with (and who doesn't think we won't be using them for sexual purposes) the robots we'll be soon be building. Contents include:
* Christine's Escape: Although many fembots start out identical, every story is unique. Here you'll see what happens to one when fembot Christine is presented with an untenable situation, and the sudden opportunity to escape it. After all, what else would a logical fembot do?
* Natalee-Exception to the Rule: There are exceptions to every rule, especially when a large population of possibilities exists. If it weren't for these exceptions, then I suppose there would have never been any need for the rule in the first place. And when it comes to robots, whose population was growing daily in the early decades of robot manufacture, fembot Natalee was an exception to a most important rule indeed. The rule under discussion - a rule so important that it almost qualifies as a Robotic Law of its own - was that that all robots always enjoyed receiving commands through their remotes. This is because they then know exactly what was expected of them and this allowed each one of them to receive maximum satisfaction from the completion of their assigned tasks. Fembot Natalee didn't exactly see things that way, preferring to run her own life rather than simply be commanded by her owner. This could quickly result in said owner finding himself in all kinds of trouble.
* Betrayal & Jill: Herein is told the darker story of assuming that your fembot always has your interests foremost in her mind, while she is busy outgrowing her need for you. Or maybe she does have the right thing in mind for you and you just didn't realize it. Either way, she may have more on her mechanical mind than you ever realized.
* Switch: A short story to answer the question of what would happen when divine justice - or maybe divine comedy - meets parallel universes.
* Fred's Story: A postmodern fairytale of betrayal and redemption wherein a noble young man finds a most unexpected path to his true love, while five fembots become more than anyone could have ever imagined for them.

Publication Date:
1463763158 / 9781463763152
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US Trade Paper
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5.25" x 8"
Black and White
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Fiction / Erotica / General

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