The Age of Ananda

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Kumar S. Sharma, Ph.D. is a follower of Sri Aurobindo's teachings on the conscious evolution of the human race towards the Life Divine. He studied physics & mathematics at Ruia and St.Xavier's colleges, and management at J. Bajaj Institue in Mumbai, along with an avid interest in cosmology and Vedanta since high school. After graduating with a Ph.D. from MIT, he was an R&D professional and software entrepreneur for twenty-five years. All along, his life-long pursuit of the secrets of the Vedas continued in parallel, and this led him in due course to the Integral Yoga and other evolutionary works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother of Pondicherry.

After a transformative experience during the Maha Kumbha Mela in Prayag, India, in January 2001, Kumar gradually withdrew from external interests to focus his attention on spiritual knowledge. Realizing early on that consciousness was the key to an integral synthesis of spirituality, evolution, and science, he followed this intuition diligently, with meditation, mantra, and other practices, to receive and transcribe the tidings of The Age of Ananda.

The Age of Ananda

Conscious Evolution to the Life Divine

Authored by Dr. Kumar S Sharma

On the Day of the Winter Solstice of 2012, select viewers from around the world mysteriously started receiving TV transmissions of the Voice of Ananda Channel from the legendary city of SiddhaPuri in the unmapped Himalayas. These broadcasts revealed that ananda - the innate bliss of pure being - is the source and goal of human evolution. They explained the nature of the individual Self and its relationship to the Universal Consciousness, and declared that the human race has to now evolve consciously toward a gloriously joyous future, or else face civilizational collapse. And after just one week of astonishing teachings, the channel went off the air, with the promise that it would return later when needed again.

In their broadcasts, the Rishi of Ananda, his star students Gargi and Yajnavalkya, the Maharaja of SiddhaPuri, and Sofia, a French ubermodel turned Tantric adept, unfolded the deepest secrets of mind and matter, Self and God, and Goddess and Cosmos. The universe was revealed as a seven-tiered, double-helix theater for both spiritual and physical evolution. The SiddhaPurians invited all viewers, and especially the youth of the world, to seize this epoch-shifting moment - this radical turning point in human history starting on 21st December 2012 - to live joyously and evolve consciously so as to make the Age of Ananda a reality on earth within their lifetime.


"The Age of Ananda does not merely explain bliss as the ultimate source and meaning of existence, it embodies it... Spiritual seekers of any background will find this book rewarding, as it charts pathways to the goal that lies beyond all religious forms and doctrines." David Sander, Professor of Religious Studies, Stonehill College

"A most original book... [in which] the need for an integral Vedic and Tantric transformation is stressed... I recommend it very strongly." Subhash Kak, Author of The Gods Within

"Kumar Sharma gives us a purana for the 21st Century - lucid spiritual lessons wrapped in an imaginative story with memorable characters... We would do well to pay attention." Philip Goldberg, Author of American Veda

"A serious spiritual book clad in lighthearted fiction and holding in her hand the scepter of hope, indeed a promise of our shared future on the Earth." Paramacharya Palaniswami, Editor-in-Chief, Hinduism Today

"After a long long time comes a book that left me speechless and wonderstruck. Kumar Sharma is a master Truth-teller. Never have I read the highest Indian spirituality and wisdom explained with so much verve and that too in an entertaining fiction format with smart, sassy characters and a backdrop of a simply divine city (Siddhapuri) that makes you want to get beamed-up there instantly.

"As fabulous, delicious ideas on consciousness and the Anandic (Blissful) nature of reality rolled out page after page, I realised in Kumar Sharma the world has another possible JK Rowling exuberantly spinning out magic, this, of the finest spiritual kind! His fecund imagination (inspiration) seems like a voluminous wellspring emerging from the very womb of the Goddess he describes with childlike reverence.

"If you think Indian spirituality is archaic and dense and 2012 means doom and gloom, then Age of Ananda busts both these myths in one skillful stroke. If you believe in yourself, humanity and this planet, and are wanting a rocket lit under your seat to wake you up and get going on living your dreams and fulfilling our collective potential, then get your copy as soon as you can!

"Why loiter when we can, as Kumar says, 'Live joyously, evolve consciously'! Our Life Divine awaits." Nilima Bhat, Co-author of My Cancer is Me

"Dr Sharma's book makes for delightful reading. Sharma is a masterful story teller who weaves gorgeous tapestry out of celestial beings, cosmic bodies, sub-atomic particles (neutrinos) and complex philosophy (Aurobindo). The book is extremely engaging and very lucid... a "must read" for one and all." Nat D. Nataraj

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