Balanchine Essays: Arabesque
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Balanchine Essays: Arabesque

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There are 10 titles in the Balanchine Essays series. This is disc 1. Please click here to see disc 2.

Balanchine Essays: Arabesque


Toward the latter part of his life, George Balanchine talked about creating a "dictionary" of his technique, a visual reference for students of the ballet. The Foundation has helped to fulfill his wish by producing The Balanchine Essays. The Essays provide over nine hours of visual discussion of Balanchine's ideas on technique that are not only educational but also protect the high standards Balanchine himself set for his dancers.

PHOTO: Merrill Ashley - Suki Schorer
with Jeffrey Edwards

The entire ten-part Balanchine Essays series will be offered by The George Balanchine Foundation.

Titles include:
The Barre - Part 1
The Barre - Part 2
Jumps - Part 1
Jumps - Part 2
Pirouettes & Other Turns
Port de Bras & Épaulement
Transfer of Weight
Pointe Technique & Pas de Bourrée
Passé & Attitude

The George Balanchine Foundation is a not-for-profit "public charity" exempt from federal income tax under section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
All proceeds from the sale of these DVD's are used for Foundation projects.

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