Making a Self Mask
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Making a Self Mask

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Making a Self Mask

In this video, master mask-maker, healer, and author Ronda LaRue, will take you through a step-by-step demonstration of everything you need to know to create your own plaster of Paris applied self mask (life mask). Ideas for many creative applications including press mold technique, art therapy, ceremony, and student projects. Suitable for ages 6-adult. Ronda LaRue is a ceremonial artist, gifted healer, and spiritual guide.

Step-By-Step Demonstration

1) Intro: Materials Used and Mixing Plaster
2) Applying Plaster to Face
3) Decorating the Mask
4) Making a Press Mold
5) Ronda LaRue - Home&Garden TV Presentation
6) Slide Show - Gallery of Ideas

Televised Broadcasts:
Interview with Ronda LaRue, Home & Garden National TV - Carol Duvall Show; 2000

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